How to Draw an Undead, Undead Zombie


If you want to draw the undead in a different angle. You’ll just have to start with the base in the first step. But draw the jaw in a different angle as shown above. Then It’s just a matter of repeating the other steps. Adding the eyes and then t   


And this is how it should look like when you add the details.


First start drawing a circle , that you’re going to transform into a sphere. Draw two curves like in the picture to give the circle a 3D look and make it a sphere.


Next we are going to draw the jaw. The size of the jaw depends entirely up to you. If you draw a big jaw , then you’re character will be bulky maybe more muscular than if you draw the jaw thin and slim. In this case I’m going to draw a thin jaw s   


Once we got the base. We are going to draw the outer line of his face. Don’t make his face smooth. Remember it’s an undead. So It has to have wrinkles and holes.


Once you got the base done and the outer line of his face. We’re going to add the details starting with what I would call the Primary details , which are the eyes , ears and mouth ( or in this case his teeth ).


After the primary details we are going to add wrinkles , holes and cuts to make him creepier and scary.


Now we’re going to draw his body. For that we are going to draw a line from his neck. At the end of his neck we’re going to draw a horizontal line , not too long , just 3 heads wide. and at the end we’re going to draw circles that will represen   


Once we got the base of his body we’re going to draw the outline. Remember an undead is supposed to be skinny so don’t draw too many muscles.Too make him creepier I decided to rip his right arm off !


When you draw wrinkles , don’t just draw straight lines or curves , try to imagine how wrinkles look like.


Now add wrinkles , cuts and details of his ribs. As you can see I also added details on his cut arm. Creepy !


You can add details such as the skin peeling off or cuts. But remember. Keep it simple. Don’t over do it ! Too much details might ruin your picture !


And voila ! You got a beautiful ( or should I say creepy ) Undead / zombie !

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January 1, 2013

Description: How to draw a creepy undead zombie! Get your pencils, papers,and erasers ready for this simple lesson.

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