How to Draw Poltergeist, Poltergeist

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You will only be drawing the back of Carol Anne and the front of a console t.v. Start with the guides for Carol Anne beginning with a circle for the head, and some guides for her body.


The next thing you will do is sketch out the shape or outline of the back of her head, and then from there, sketch in her long length. Add the detailing and texture of her hair with strand lines like so, and move to step three.


Begin sketching out the right side of the body and as you can see you are starting at the top of the shoulder, and work your way as you sketch in her arm or pajama sleeve. The sleeve should be loose, wrinkled, and creased up. Draw the lining of the r   


Draw the left side of her body the exact same way you did the right. The only difference is the amount of shoulder you see. When you're done move to step five.


Lastly, draw out the front outline of a television screen. Once that is done you can either make the wooden box around the screen, or leave your drawing the way you see it here.


Here is the line art. Color in Carol Anne like you see here, or go by the actual colored photo from the movie cover.

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October 18, 2011

Description: There is a whole lot of fun going down tonight. Now that I have uploaded Hannibal Lecter, it is now time to show you guys "how to draw Poltergeist", step by step. I’m sure everyone knows the famous scene or movie cover when the young blond headed little girls is sitting in front of the television with her hands pressed against the screen and says “they’re here”! I’m trying to draw or make lessons based on some of my favorite movie characters or stories. Later on today I have something in store that some may recognize because they are old enough to, but then there are going to be some of you that have no idea where such a character or figure comes from. Who is this person I speak of? I guess you won’t know until the tutorial goes up tomorrow. Anyways, this lesson is based on the eighties horror classic ‘Poltergeist’. When I was growing up as a kid I was exposed to anything that was from the eighties even though I was born in 1992. Poltergeist for me was a magical experience when I saw it for the first time at eleven. I was so blown away; it literally had a lasting impression on my mind for a week. I couldn’t get Carol Anne out of my mind or the some of the beastly monsters that where in the movie. How about that small old lady, I think her name was Tangina. Her real name in actual life is Zelda Rubenstein. Anyhow, Poltergeist was a brilliant movie that will always be remembered by me, as well as anyone that enjoys good horror flicks. I hope you have fun with this unique lesson on drawing Poltergeist. Stick around because there is more gore coming your way.

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