How to Draw an Alien Pony, Xenomorph Pony


Begin your tutorial by drawing out an oblong shape for the head of your alien pony. Next, draw the long neck, and then attach that neck line to a body shape.


The next thing you will do is draw out the actual structure for the head, jawline, and then make the thickness for the neck and some of the body like you see here. This is a very rounded creature, so you shouldn't have too difficult time drawing it o   


You will now begin sketching in the detailing on the sides of the head and neck like so, and like the real Alien species, be sure to draw the tubing shape that contains the stripes or detailing in the form of ripples. Draw in the teeth and or mouth,    


You will now start drawing out the body starting with the legs, and then draw the stomach and back as well as the back end.


Continue to draw the pony's body until the back legs, and tail are all formed and drawn. Notice how the tail tip is razor like.


Here is where you will begin drawing out the spine or bones for the protruding spine, and then draw in some smaller bones at the end of the tail's edge.


For your last task, all you have to do is draw and sketch in all the remaining detailing on the alien pony's body. This includes definition on the legs, stomach, and tail. Take your time to ensure neatness and detail perfection. Clean up your drawing   


Well guys, that just about does it. Did you have an awesome time or what? I know I did. Now the task of coloring in your alien pony is upon you, but I think you will probably enjoy that more than you did drawing it out.

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January 20, 2012

Description: So I drew this pony live yesterday and come to find out my whole family loved the way it came out and suggested that I make a tutorial out of it. So after considering their idea, I decided that it would probably make a cool tutorial if I uploaded it on the site. So here is my very own creation of "how to draw an Alien Pony", step by step. It's funny how the end results turned out because it looks like it could totally be in a movie as a mutant horse that was infected by a Xenomorph. The head, white teeth, body and tail all scream evil, darkness, and despair. I really hope that you enjoy this very odd, but very entertaining lesson on drawing an Alien pony. I shall return, so stay here, or beware.

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