How to Draw a Queen Alien, Queen Xenomorph


Ok, let's get started with the guide lines. The main shape is going to be the big shield on the Queen's head. After that, draw an oval for the chest shape. We'll attach two small arms in the center, and two legs out to the sides. There's another pair   


We'll tackle the head in three steps. First we'll draw this T-shape. There are four parts to it, and the lowest part is actually the exposed "face" of the Queen Alien, ending at the upper lip.


On both sides of the T, there's a smaller bony shape. You can almost treat these like cartoon bones. Up above, there's a massive V-shape that spreads out, almost like a pair of butterfly wings. Each side has a round lobe in the middle of it. Indicate   


Draw the spine-like shapes in the middle of the V-shape. From there we can add details inside most of the shield's panels. Each panel has a bit of a rim on it. Think organic, like shoulder blades or crab shells. Finally, we can draw the lower jaw and   


The neck is basically drawn with ribs going down each side. Start by drawing the open shape down the front of the neck. Then fill in the ribs, starting at the head and working your way toward the base.


Here we'll draw the tiny, Tyrannosaurus-like arms on the center of the chest plate. These are very basic. Start with the upper arms. Then draw the lower arms. Next the hands, and finally the fingers and claws. Most of the details are exaggerated wrin   


Draw in the chest plate. It's basically two large shoulder blades meeting together in the center. A bony structure continues from the sides of the chest plate and wraps up and around the neck. Finish up by detailing the front of the neck.


Moving on to the legs... Keeping things perfectly faithful to the movie character is difficult, but you can use a set of recognizable features to achieve a look that says "Alien." As with the arms, we have exaggerated wrinkles around the joints, and    


In the film, the Queen Alien has tiny feet. I decided to exaggerate them a bit here. These are like animal legs, bending back at the knee and then bending forward on their way to the toes. Notice the horizontal bars or ridges running down the sides o   


Using the same rules and details we can draw the forearm. Also attach the shoulder to the body, and we can add a few details here and there. Oh, we can mirror some of that connective tissue on the other side of the body, just barely visible along the   


I know I always say this, but the best reference for hands is your own hands. On the first pass, I drew a pair of kind of lazy monster hands that had zero personality. I went back and used my hands as reference, and I'm glad I did. Although these are   


This step is a doozy, but it's not too bad if you take it one vertebra at a time. *dies* The Alien tail is basically a bunch of big vertebrae, or spinal bones, just exaggerated. Figure out the basic shape of each segment, and repeat the basic shape a   


Going in and adding the final details to the head shield and mouth.


The final inks. Phew. I hope you guys enjoyed this. These Xenomorphs aren't easy to draw, but if you put the time and effort into it, the results are worth it. Be sure to post some scans or photos of your drawings when you're finished, and feel free    

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January 27, 2012

Description: Ok, guys. I'm back with another tutorial, and this one's a doozy. We're going to draw a take on the Queen Alien from the film Aliens. There's lots of detail, but we're going to take it one body part at a time. Now let's get drawing!

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