How to Draw Medusa Gorgon, Soul Eater

Artist: Alley1 / April 12, 2012

Step 1.

We first begin with the simple guidelines you see here.

Step 2.

Begin by drawing in Medusa's chin and neck. Then, using the facial guidelines, draw in her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 3.

Then, draw her thin eyebrows and eyelid lines. Afterwards, start her hair with the bands and also, start the top of Medusa's hood.

Step 4.

Continue Medusa's hood and stop where it stops in the picture. Then, start the long parts of her hair that eventually turn into braids. Also, draw her shoulder lines after.

Step 5.

Next, you will finish up her outfit and add some of the other strands of her hair shown here. You will finish her hood at this point, not the details just yet,though. And you will draw in her arms as well.

Step 6.

Now,erase some of the guidelines shown here. After, draw her hands and partially some of her legs that are visible.

Step 7.

Begin starting the details of Medusa within her hood, collar, and eyes. Then, draw in her lovely braids. Note: You can use ovals like I did for the braids. I'm not very good with braids and some people are. If you're more advanced, you can draw them    

Step 8.

Now, draw her snake tattoos on both arms. Add in the rest of her hair in her hood. And, draw her curvy bracelets.

Step 9.

This is the ending step here. All you have to do for this final step is to color in everything that's meant to be black on her such as her outfit and tattoos. Oh, and don't forget her arrow tail! And that concludes your 'How to draw Medusa Gorgon' tu   

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Artist: Alley1
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Description: Back with another Soul Eater tut! This one is 'how to draw Medusa Gorgon.' Medusa, based off from the greek myths, controls snakes as a witch in Soul Eater in the shape of arrows. She's a very sinister character and decieves those that can get her what she wants. She's the major atagonist in SE and one of my favorite villians. Enjoy learning how to draw her, guys!