How to Draw Maka Albarn, Soul Eater

Artist: Alley1 / April 9, 2012
How to Draw Maka Albarn, Soul Eater

Step 1.

First, you draw the guidelines shown here. This will make life easier by drawing these and when it comes to drawing the actual body, it'll be lots LOTS easier.

Step 2.

Then, begin drawing Maka's eyes, nose, and mouth, along with her chin and shoulders. Also, draw the start of her upper body and half torso.

Step 3.

Continue drawing her torso and the rest of her arms.

Step 4.

Begin drawing some of her cape. Easy step here.

Step 5.

Next, draw in her accessories on her awesome jacket like the buttons and tie. And remember to draw her skirt outline.

Step 6.

Draw her legs.

Step 7.

Now, draw her gloves. Rememeber, draw them in a way that it shows she's holding her scythe. Also, begin the outline of her boots.

Step 8.

Start to draw her bangs.

Step 9.

Finish up her hair and draw her pigtails. Then, draw in her details to her shoes.

Step 10.

Begin her outline to her scythe.

Step 11.

Draw in all the details that you see here like the shoes, scythe, tie, and such.

Step 12.

Now, just shade in all the black parts and draw in her pupil mark in her eye. Then you're finished! Tadah!! Thanks for seeing my tut, everybody! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Artist: Alley1
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Description: Hey, everyone! Made a new tut from another character from Soul Eater! lol I've been obsessed with SE lately. In this tut, you will learn how to draw a full body Maka Albarn. Nothing else to say except have fun!!