How to Draw a Sorceress

Artist: Alley1 / May 12, 2012

Step 1.

Begin by drawing her eyes. These aren't like the ones I've drawn in my other tuts. They have a distinctive look of human more than anime eyes. However, when finished, they will resemble both unique styles.

Step 2.

Start drawing her nose and lips. Note: I'm well aware that the nose is a little bit too long. When I was drawing this over on Gimp, I tried to shorten it up but if I did, the other features would be off.

Step 3.

Now, begin her neck line and chin. You will also add darkness around her eyes to show her deep eyeliner and thick eyelashes. Also, draw in her pupil in both of her eyes.

Step 4.

Draw her bangs and some of her long hair. As well as her eyebrows, eye lid lines, and pretty eye shines. lol

Step 5.

Start the drawing of her mysterious looking hood.

Step 6.

Continue her hood and draw her shoulders. PS: The next three steps are screwed up. When I saved each step seperately, the files didn't save correctly during the end. The transperency of the original drawing wouldn't work right so, I did the best to f   

Step 7.

Draw in her necklace and her funky looking tatoo on her right eye. And draw her necklace shape.

Step 8.

Then, draw in her swirls on her hood.

Step 9.

Draw her black dots on her other part of her hood.

Step 10.

Color in everything shown here black. This picture and the last turned out fine transperency wise.

Step 11.

Last step. Finish the sorceress up by coloring her tatoo black, add in the necklace detail, and everything else shown here. And that's it. I hope you enjoyed this tut I made for you guys!

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Artist: Alley1
Date Added: May 12, 2012
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Description: Back with more tuts, everyone! I was thinking of a new type of drawing to do for you guys. Then, it came to me. I thought of drawing a tut on how to draw a mysterious looking sorceress. This was artwork I uploaded on dragoart, too, in graphite shading. So, I decided on showing how to I drew it step by step.