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Drawing a Soul Eater Logo

Artist: Kirito2000 / November 9, 2013
Drawing a Soul Eater Logo

Step 1.

Draw a circle.

Step 2.

Erase a small portion of the top left part of the circle. Extend the right line of the circle straight out to the left. Extend the left line of the circle at a slight angle and then back towards the left until the lines meet.

Step 3.

Add the eyes towards the middle of the circle. The eyes droop downwards to make them appear angry.

Step 4.

Add a small oval between the eyes for the nose.

Step 5.

Add the mouth using zig-zag lines.

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Artist: Kirito2000
Date Added: November 9, 2013
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Tags: how to draw soul eater
Description: Logo from Soul Eater