Draw The Ice King from Fortnite

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Let's get started. Just start off by drawing the shape of Ice King's hooded head. This is basically just a hood with an opening for the face area.


Go ahead and draw three icicle like horns or spikes that come off the head.


When that is done you can get started on the upper body. Sketch out the shape and structure for the chest, then draw in the shoulders, and some of the arms. You will also want to add the plates that are part of his armor along the arms. Don't forget    


Continue to work on the chest and torso. You will draw in the barrel like shape for the chest and then draw in the design work on the armor. There are sections to be drawn as you can see. Around the waist, sides and more for the arms.


Make some length to the body below the waist. You will also need to draw the straps, flaps, and design work to his armor as you can see it done for you here. Also, draw in the right arm and some of the left arm. Again, take your time and notice how e   


We are ready to finish this lesson up and you can do that by drawing the rest of Ice King's armor and hands. The hands are in a clawed style pose so be sure to draw them in that way. Finish everything up and then you can erase the mistakes you made a   


That's it, you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring in this Fortnite skin or character.

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November 12, 2020

Description: Okay, I got side tracked yesterday when I was uploading my tutorials which is why I didn't upload this lesson on the other Fortnite skin/character. So, having said that here is how to draw The Ice King, step by step. The Ice King is a skin that is obtainable in season 7 I think or at least that is what my brother told me. There are four levels of progression with his skin, and from what I've read, you can unlock Ice King skin by reaching Tier 100 in the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass. How to reach the other versions, I do not know but if you play the game you should know anyway right? Well, I guess that's it. Now is the time to have fun drawing The Ice King. I hope you enjoy this lesson folks, adios.

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