How to Draw Ghoul Trooper, Fortnite

Artist: Dawn / November 12, 2020

Step 1.

No guidelines, just direct art. We will begin by drawing the shape of Ghoul Trooper's face structure, then draw in the chunky bangs that fall parted on her face. Don't forget about the ear as well.

Step 2.

Next, we will draw in her ghoulish face, Start with the eyes, then draw and color in the nose. When that is complete you can give her eyes some detail and add some simple, primitive lines to the forehead. Draw in the mouth and when you do this notice   

Step 3.

Finish the shape of her head and then draw in the detailing for the hair. Before leaving this step you have to draw in the glasses too which rest on top of her head.

Step 4.

Let's get started with Ghoul Trooper's body. Give her a neck, then draw the shoulders and one of the arms. Add the straps for her holster, then draw in more primitive lines to define her arm. Don't forget to detail the straps too.

Step 5.

Add structure to the chest by giving her a chest. When that is done you will draw in the rest of her torso and or waist. Add some rips or tears to the clothing and then draw in the dog tags around her neck.

Step 6.

Finish the left arm and draw the sleeve that is on her forearm. Detail the arm and draw the belt around her waist.

Step 7.

For the last drawing step all you have to do is complete the objects that are attached to her waist. Erase the mistakes that you might have made.

Step 8.

Here is the line art. Now you can have fun coloring Ghoul Trooper in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 12, 2020
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Description: Hey guys, I'm back and with my return I have a couple lessons on two Fortnite characters that were requested. I will start off with this one on how to draw Ghoul Trooper, step by step. For those of you who play Fortnite, you should know that Ghoul Trooper is considered a rare skin. The character skin is pretty simple looking and even though she is supposed to look ghoulish, I think she is sort of pleasant looking. Anyways, she shouldn't be too complicated to draw. I know when drawing Fortnite skins it can sometimes be complex, but not with this one. Go ahead and have fun and remember to tell me what you think.