Drawing Thanos from Fortnite


First, let's start with the guidelines that we will use as a starting point to shape his body and face. Draw these guidelines very lightly so they are erasable later in case you want to trace over your lines with a pen or sharpie.


Next, let's draw the shape of his helmet FIRST then proceed onto drawing his face shape within that helmet.


Next, draw from eyes to nose and mouth (in that order), Thanos's facial features. Using light lines, draw the texture lines which run down his face kinda like multiple tears.


Using thin lines, let's focus on sketching the details for his helmet and then once you're comfortable with the way that looks, start sketching the shoulder armor and the next details.


Moving slowly, let's lightly draw the armor detailing throughout the shoulders and sides of the neck base.


I know drawing this part of Thanos is the hardest part, so that is why we are working through it slowly. Draw the arm first carefully drawing each section of his arm gear. Then we can now focus on drawing the torso armor.


We are almost done! Now, using thin lines (like always) further your progress by sketching the rest of the details to the body armor.


Now, the pain is almost over, let's work on drawing that right arm to complete Thanos!


Once you're satisfied with your result, take either a pen or sharpie, and trace over your lines. Once you've done that, go ahead and erase the prior guidelines drawn at the beginning of this tutorial. I'd LOVE to see how your Thanos came out, so don'   

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October 17, 2020

Description: Hey one and all, welcome back to another kick ass lesson and this time I will be showing all you Fortnite fans how to draw Thanos, step by step. I hear tell that this character is one of the more popular ones from the game, so I went ahead and made this lesson. I know there are so many people who are on that Fortnite kick nowadays and this lesson will be right up your alley if you have been looking for a good drawing tutorial that can teach you the ropes on drawing Thanos. Now, don't go getting all upset if you can't draw Thanos right away. He is a character that has a lot of detail so you may need to try this lesson more than once. But the good news is, when you are done, you will have yourself an awesome drawing on a Fortnite character that everyone knows. So go ahead and have a blast, maybe I will upload more tuts on these characters from Fortnite.

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