How to Draw Fishstick From Fortnite


Begin by drawing the guidelines and shapes for Fishstick.


You will now use the head/face guide shape you just made in step one and define the shape of Fishstick's face. You will also incorporate the eyeballs too and be sure to add the bulge detailing around the base of the eye.


Next, create a head for this skin by drawing the leather style hat with flaps on the sides. Once that is done draw in the pupils to finish the eyes and then draw out the oblong shape for the mouth.


Go ahead and draw a tie under the chin and then give Fishstick's a neck, shoulders and his shirt which will also create the torso. Add the wrinkles and folds too.


We can now draw the utility belt and as you can see he has two pouches so add them too.


We will sketch in the patch on his shirt and then draw the bottom of the body. Sketch in detailing and definition to the clothes and body too.


We are almost done. You just have to draw the arm which resembles a large fin. Sketch in detailing to the arm and then form a hand.


You just have to draw the opposite arm now and repeat exactly how you drew the right arm. Erase the mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art. Now you can have fun coloring Fishstick from Fortnite in.

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March 9, 2022

Description: Hey gang. Welcome back to another fun lesson for all you Fornite fans out there. Today I will be uploading two more Fortnite skins including the one you see here on how to draw Fishstick, step by step. This skin came out around Christmas time and he is said to be a really popular skin. I had a lot of fun with creating the drawing lesson for Fishsticks and I am excited to be sharing this lesson with all of you so you too can draw Fishstick from Fortnite. I will be back with the other Fortnite character skin so stay tuned.

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