How to Draw Pilgrims, Thanksgiving Pilgrims

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 13, 2012

Step 1.

There isn't much that differentiates pilgrims from normal people when it comes to drawing them, just their clothes for the most part. We'll start from the top and work our way down with their wardrobe. Their hats are very easy to draw, the men where    

Step 2.

Their daily clothing is normally made of wool that has been died grey with white capeletts and cuffs. The men wear belts over their shirts at the middle while women tie a long white apron around theirs.

Step 3.

Men wear sturdier shoes with buckles over the tops and women will generally will wear flat slippers when they aren't going around barefoot, some work easier to do when shoeless.

Step 4.

Now that we're done with our tips we're going to get started. First things first we're going to draw a base for our male pilgrim, giving him a long face and broad shoulders.

Step 5.

Then we'll give him a wife, drawing a shorter base with a rounder face and less broad shoulders.

Step 6.

We'll draw out the shapes of their faces and draw in their eyes and their ears. The man's eyes will be up higher on the face while the woman's will be more closer to the center.

Step 7.

Now we'll draw in their noses and their mouths along with the start of their hair. The rest of their hair will be hidden by their hats. We'll also give the male a bit of a beard.

Step 8.

Then we'll draw their hats on their heads, giving the guy the more bucket like hat and putting a bonnet on his wife's head.

Step 9.

We'll draw in the rest of their hair next. We'll give the guy a bit of a ponytail at the back of his neck and give the woman a bun. From there we'll move onto their capelettes.

Step 10.

We'll start their shirts, both of them looking very similar with loose fits and baggy sleeves.

Step 11.

We'll draw in the belt on the man and the band of the apron on the woman and draw the cuffs on the sleeves.

Step 12.

Now we'll draw the bottom halves of their clothing, giving the guy a baggy pair of pants and the woman a loose fitting skirt and apron. We'll also draw in their hands at this point.

Step 13.

We'll give the woman a basket and draw in their shoes as well. Also we'll draw in the cuffs at the bottom of the man's pants.

Step 14.

And there you have it. Your very own pilgrims that you can show to everyone who comes to your house for the holiday.

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Description: Hey everyone. Thanksgiving is just a week away and I'm going to do up a couples tutorials for you so you can impress all your family when they come to visit for the holiday. This first one is going to be on pilgrims. I've got just a few tips for you and then I'm going to walk you through drawing your own pilgrims.