How to Draw Halibel

Artist: Dawn / April 10, 2010

Step 1.

Draw her head and add the face lining. Next draw the shape of her torso, and then draw the flared outline of her hips, and lower Arrancar suit. Draw the feet or shoes, and then add the arm guidelines too.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out her hair that frames her face, and then draw the top part of her face high collar. Sketch out her eyes, and then move to the next step.

Step 3.

You can snow sketch out the rest of her short messy hair, and then draw out the torso lining for her leather jacket. Once her hair, face, and upper part of her jackets drawn, you can proceed onto step four.

Step 4.

Draw the black bold line that is actually a zipper for her jacket, and then draw out some more of her arms. Next, sketch out the full shape or her large breast like you see here.

Step 5.

Continue to sketch out her hips, and thighs, and then begin sketching out her lower half of the Arrancar outfit making the sash wide, and detailed. Add the fold lines and then begin sketching out the baggy look of her pants and add detailing, to the    

Step 6.

You will now continue to sketch out the rest of her outfit, and notice how the bottom flares out like so. Draw the crease lines, and then sketch out her feet and sandals. Begin erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepar   

Step 7.

That's it, you just drew Halibel from Bleach the 3rd Espada. I hope you leanred something new today, and I also hope you had fun doing it. I want you all to join me for another fun tutorial. Great work BTW!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 10, 2010
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Tags: draw bleach, draw bleach characters, how to draw bleach, how to draw a bleach character, how to draw characters from bleach
Description: I saw that Teton asked if I could do a lesson on a Bleach character that is both popular, and somewhat beautiful. I will fill the request with pleasure seeing how I am a fan of Bleach and all. The video lesson that she provided was cool, but I know a lot of the members like having a real step by step tutorial appose to the video ones. Anyway, I will submit my last tutorial for the day and it's going to be on “how to draw Halibel", step by step. Her full manga name is Tia Harribel or spelled Tia Halibel. She is the third Espada in Aizen's army. As we speak, she is the only female in the Espada. Despite what her image may sometimes look like, she actually has dark colored skin, very yellow blonde, hair that she wears as a messy braided do, and pretty green eyes. She almost always wears her white suit with the tall collar covering her neck, and lower half of her face. Another distinctive thing about her face is her cat like blonde eyelashes. The provocative thing about her Arrancar clothing is how her jacket only covers half of her big breasts. When her jacket is open, the tattoo of her Espada number can be seen on the left side of her right breast. As for her weapon, she carries her Zanpakuto on her back in a horizontal manor. Unlike other Zanpakuto's hers is a broad sword, and relatively short. Let's start talking about her personality. Halibel is very quiet which means she hardly ever speaks. When she does feel like she has something to say, it's usually pretty serious. You know how a lot of the Espada are very gun ho, and just rush into doing anything or starting a fight with anybody right? Well, Halibel is a lot more level headed, receptive, hesitant about getting into combat, and she is also known to analyze her surroundings and how things present themselves. I loved drawing out this character, and I hope you too will love this lesson on “how to draw Halibel", step by step. That does it for me, but I shall return tomorrow with more drawing fun. Adios my fellow friends and artists!