How to Draw Nnoitra

How to Draw Nnoitra
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Draw the basic framework for Nnoitra starting with head and lower jaw. Next draw the shape of the torso, and then connect the upper body with a line adn add the shape of the hips. Lastly, draw the limb guidelines.


Sketch out the shape of his face and the outline of his long straight hair style. Lastly, draw the almond shaped collar as you see here and the eye patch.


Draw in the eye, mouth, and nose, and then sketch out his neck, and then draw the upper body which is the arms and torso. Nnoitra has a very squared shaped body as you can see here and he is also very thin.


Finish off drawing his arms and then his hand. Lastly, sketch out the shape and lining if his shirt and then start the lining for his pants.


Finish sketching the shape of his legs and or pants, and as you can see his lower legs and shoes look a little Persian. Since you are in your last drawing step, you will also need to start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step o   


You're done. Color in your Bleach character and that will end this tutorial on "how to draw Nnoitra, step by step". Hope you had a ton of fun, join me again real soon.

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January 27, 2010

" the strongest Espada!" Remember that quote that Nnoitra says? I remember watching the English dubbed episode of Bleach and couldn't help but notice that quote. This Bleach character is very rude and sadistic. He has a perverted aurora about him too. When Nnoitra and Ulquiorra had a conversation about Orihime, he asked Ulquiorra how well he “disciplined” her. This character happens to have the most foul personality towards others. Personally, he reminds me a lot of Orochimaru. When I say that, I mean the looks and sometimes the mannerisms. The differences between the two is that Orochi is egotistical and manipulative. I'm coming to a sense where Nnoitra is getting to be my favorite Bleach character. His arrancar outfit is quite strange. He is infamous for his obvious spoon shaped hood. His weapon Santa Teresa, is also popular when It comes to the other arrancars. The name Santa Teresa means “praying mantis” in Spanish, and in Japanese means “Sacred Crying Mantis”. When he's in his release form, he gains two pairs of arms accompanied with two pairs of swords that are of a similar shape to a praying mantis's forelegs. In the end, Kenpachi Zaraki wins the battle between Nnoitra Jiruga and moves onto the next Espada rivals. I find this character to be pretty cool. He doesn't seem as cliché as many other anime characters that I've come across. I like his sinister personality and extremely strange outfit. Sometimes I think it's kinda absurd how the outfit looks. Whenever I see Nnoitra, I think of steering coffee with my favorite spoon or eating some soup on a wintry night. I hope most of the viewers that were watching me draw Nnoitra had fun watching the process. It took me a while to get his long snake like body right. Make sure when you peeps browse the <em>“How to draw Bleach characters”</em> category, that you checkout the How to draw Grimmjow tutorial. I hope you all will have fun learning <em>“How to draw Nnoitra, step by step”</em>. Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial. Peace out my fellow anime manga artists, and make sure you join me again for another fun filled lesson!

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