How to Draw Hollow Ichigo


I had a lesson on Hollow Ichigo but unfortunately I wan't happy with the way he came out. Let's start by drawing a head shape and then add a neck line. Next draw the squared shape of his upper body, and then draw out the shirt like bottom that almost   


Now you can sketch out the shape of his lower face starting with the cheeks and jaw. Draw the shape of his neck, and then begin drawing the shoulders. Lastly, draw the "V" for the opening of his coat.


One half of Ichigo's face is covered with his hollow mask. That is what you will start sketching out now. Once that is complete, add some color, and then draw the rest of his face as you see here. Thicken the collar or "V" line.


You will continue to sketch out the upper body including the arms, and or sleeves, and then draw the his jacket opening. There are a few wispy lines for his arms, but aside from that you will also have to draw his hand.


Sketch out Ichigo's spiky styled hair, and then draw the cross hatching of the wrap on his body under the coat. Sketch out his waist, and draw a bow tie. When that is done you can sketch the tail of his coat, and then draw his tensa zangetsu sword.


Draw the rest of his clothing like you see it here and then add some ruffle or fold lines. Once this is done you can then move to the last drawing step.


You have come to the end my friend, and you can see what you will have to do now. Since his whole outfit is drawn out all you need to do is sketch out the bottom of his pant like skirt. Each leg should display folded notches and when that is complete   


Lookie what we have here, Hollow Ichigo. Very nice huh? Well that does it, you can color him in now. Did you have a butt load of fun or what? I will be back soon guys, and when I do make sure you join me again.

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March 31, 2010

Description: Hello fellow Dragoart members and viewers. Today I have a special tutorial for all you Bleach fanatics. Today we will be learning "how to draw Hollow Ichigo", step by step. Ichigo in his Hollow form is pretty interesting. He looks wicked psycho and evil enough to join the Espada's side. I remember drawing Ichigo a while ago in his Hollow form but I decided to draw a new one that actually captured the action of him. I was inspired to draw him this way because of the episode I seen with him fighting Byakuya in his psychotic Hollow form. I think later on during the fight, Ichigo casts away the dark part of him and fights Byakuya normally. I don't want to spoil some of the action that's further into the manga, but Ichigo turns into a wicked cool bull looking Hollow that he faces 2nd release Ulquiorra with. What I did hate about that part is that Ulquiorra dies, leaving Orihime heartbroken. Personally, I think that the main character gets too much cuddly attention and 'super god' powers. Anyways, Ichigo has twice the power he had normally in this form. The personality of his dark side is very cool, sorta like Jim Carey from 'Mask'. That movie is probably my ultimate favorite. The background was inspired by the aura he gives off. I think red and blue suit this character due to his changing personality. From being calm, to evil and merciless. Ichigo's hair reminds me of hairs that you see on Orangutan monkeys. I think instead of calling him Ichigo, they should call him Mango since he looks a lot like a mango fruit. “Hey Mango,” Rukia would call out. Anyways, I really hope you'll enjoy this tutorial. It took me a very long time to think of the pose and background. The background gives ultimate life to the image. Thanks so much for viewing!

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