How to Draw Espada

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Because you will only be drawing face frames, the first thing you need to do is draw two horizontal lines for the top and bottom of the frame reel. Once that is complete, draw a uniform pattern until there is nine ten windows for all ten head shots.


You will now start sketching out the half shapes of the Espada's faces and or heads. For the most part, only the recognizable traits are shown to distinguish what character is which. You will successfully accomplish this task by drawing the frame for   


Continue to sketch out the faces as you see them in order, and this means you will have to fill in areas that you started in step two. For instance, if you started to draw Grimmjow's mouth, you will finish it in this step. Some of the characters will   


As I said, you have plenty of time to finish sketching in the faces of the Espada in these framed windows you see here. The first character is Nnoitra, and the last character is Zommari. Erase any guidelines you have left over, to clean up your drawi   


Here is what your finished drawing looks like when you are done. As you can see they are not in order because if they where, Yammy would be the first head shot you see. Color in each individual character from Bleach, and you are all done.

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March 30, 2010

Description: Okay, the other day I received a very interesting request to do a series of Bleach characters that are also known as the main villains. A while back I had plans on drawing and submitting a lesson on this very same subject, but unfortunately I never got around to doing it. Since then I have forgotten all about my submission desire, and that was that. Ever since ichigorodriguezR made the request, I feel the need to fulfill it, and show you guys "how to draw Espada" as soon as possible. For about two years Bleach has been one of my favorite anime series, and I have been an avid manga reader as well. I will mainly read my manga when I haven't watched more than a few series of Bleach. If you are looking at this lesson, you should already be familiar with who and what the Espada are. To explain in more detail I will give you readers a quick recap on these particular bad guys. First off, the Espada are a series of top ranked Arrancar in Aizen's army. Now Aizen is the leader of the whole outfit and he is the one that looks a lot like Clark Kent from Superman, but only when he is wearing his glasses. The rankings start from zero to nine instead of one through ten. All the Espada have their ranking numbers tattooed somewhere on their bodies, and none of them have a tattoo in the same place. For example, Yammy's tattoo location is on his left shoulder, Starrk's is on the top of his left hand which is the opposite of his palm, Baraggan's tattoo is currently unknown to me so if anybody has the 411 on the location of his inking, please let me know. Back to the Espada shall we? Harribel has her tattoo on the left side of her right breast, and of course why not, that is where most woman get tattoos, Ulquiorra's number is on his left pectoral muscle, Nnoitra's is on his tongue, Grimmjow has his on his back more to the mid-right part, both Leroux and Szayel have their tattoo's some where on their bodies, but as to their location, that is still unknown. And finally Aaroniero has his tattoo on both of his heads. Anyway this lesson should be fun for all you Bleach fans, and when you teach yourself “how to draw The Espada", you will see how easy it was to draw all ten characters in one shot. I will be back soon with more drawing fun so keep tuning in to see what pops up next.

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