How To Draw Dino From The Flintstones

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Okay lets get started. First things first. Draw an oval circle for Dino's head shape and then the shape of his long snout as shown. Next draw the lining for the back of his neck and then the collar lines. Now finish the lining for his back which will   


Now in this step you will start drawing in his face and the other parts of his body. Start with the eyes which are egg shaped and then just outline them again. Now draw out the lining that separates his face from his snout as shown. Give him a big op   


This is where you will be finishing off Dino. As you can see this was a very simple tutorial and you can complete this dino-dog in a matter of minutes. You will shade in two eyeballs and draw out the thick pieces of hair on his head. Next draw two sm   


And this is your finished product. Your Dino should look just like this one when you are completely done. All you have to do is color him in purple. That does it for this tutorial on how to draw Dino from the Flintstones step by step. I hope you all    

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June 26, 2008

Description: Hello again my fellow artist and welcome back to Remember how I did those tutorials on the Flintstone characters? Well today I am adding another addition to the clan. Today I will be showing you how to draw Dino from the Flintstones. Many of us know how cute, fun, lovable, and protecting this dino-canine was and still is. But what some of you may not know is what his breed specie is. Like what type of dinosaur is he supposed to be? Well, Dino pronounced (dee no) is in fact a Snorkasaurus. Of course this is a totally made up species of dinosaur but still at least there is a name for where he comes from. Dino as you know is the Flintstone family’s pet dog. Even though he doesn’t look like a typical dog he still displays characteristics of a domestic dog that we enjoy in our homes today. He does everything a pet dog does, like bark, whine, chase after balls or sticks, protects the house, and runs to his mater when he comes home from work (the famous part of the opening credits shows Fred beings attacked by Dino as he welcomes him home), and plays with Pebbles and Bam Bam quite often. What Dino does that is not like other domestic dogs is, he watches Pebbles for Wilma when she is busy with the house chores. Another thing that Dino likes to do is take his bones to the back yard and bury them all over the place. He also loves eating and sleeping in the middle of the parlor while the family watches television or while the family sleeps. Dino is purple in color and he wears a collar he also has a few patches on his back as well. How this lovable dog came into the Flintstones home is by adoption. As I remember it Dino was a stray that the Flintstones took in and began loving him as their pet. Dino is a funny character and in later episodes he is seen hanging around the Rubbles pet Hoppy, that kangaroo looking dinosaur that will often carry the kids in his front pouch (just like a kangaroo). Everyone has their own description of Dino and this is mine. I hope that you all have fun learning how to draw Dino from the Flintstones. This is a very easy to learn tutorial and it also has easy to read instructions. So grab your pencil, pen, or crayon and start the drawing process. Ta ta everyone.

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