How to Draw Wiggler, Mario


Begin with a circle for the head, then draw a squiggly line for the body as well as some facial guides for the face.


Next, sketch out the shape of Wiggler's face like so, and be sure to include the bump for the cheek, then the round circle for the large nose.


You will now draw out the daisy on top of it's head, then draw in the eyes, mouth, and face detailing for the cheeks and nose.


The body will be drawn in a few parts because as you know it's made up of separate shapes. Draw the first circle for the top part of the body, then draw in a leg and small foot with a boot on it.


Draw in another body section like so, as well as two more legs, then give the front body it's other missing leg and boot. Add some detailing near the body before leaving this step.


The third section of Wiggler's body should be drawn in as well. Once that is complete, you can draw the foot or boot too.


Finish off the body by adding the end piece like so, as well as the rest of the legs and feet.


Lastly, draw in the design pattern on the body which are nothing more circle swirls, then start erasing the guidelines and mistakes if you made any at all.


Here is Wiggler, now you can wiggle about as you color him in. That's it folks, great work today!

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July 21, 2012

Description: Here is my last lesson submission for the day. It is going to be on "how to draw Wiggler", step by step. If you have every played any of the Mario Bros video games (which I'm sure you have), you should remember seeing this particular character in one of the worlds and or boards. Wigglers are also known as caterpillars and it's clear to see why. They are usually yellow with orange spots, and they almost always have a flower sticking out from the tops of their heads. Wigglers first appeared in 'Super Mario World' and even though they are considered one of the enemies that Mario and his friends have to defeat as they play through the boards, to me they have always been adorable. Now if you stay away from a Wiggler they will normally keep calm and stay their bright yellow. Once you bounce on their heads or get them mad in any other way, they will become infuriated and turn red, then they come at you quickly as they run instead of walk. Their facial expressions change too from happy to mean or angry when they are touched. This is a super fun character to draw from the series, and since you come across them very often, they deserve to be a part of tutorial gang when it comes to Mario characters. So enjoy drawing Wiggler, he or she is waiting for you! Adios people and I hope you all enjoyed your drawing day on

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