How to Draw an Evil Dragon

Artist: Dawn / January 31, 2012

Step 1.

Begin by making two shapes, one small round circle for the muzzle of the dragon, and then draw another circle for the head. Make sure the shapes are attached together.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the bridge of the nose like so, and notice that there is a bumpy pattern going on. Draw in the hooped nostrils, and draw the actual nostril holes. Draw the front part of the mouth like so, and then move to step three.

Step 3.

Continue to draw out the lower half of the dragons face which is the chin, and entire jaw. The ends of the jaw should be drawn in a serrated style. Sketch in the crinkle lines along the side of the nose on the right hand side. Sketch in some detailin   

Step 4.

You will now sketch in the lower lip lining for the bottom jaw and mouth, and then draw both top and bottom rows of teeth as well as the two large fangs which are located in the back of the mouth. Add detailing to the gum line and move along to step    

Step 5.

For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch in the head or forehead, and then draw the small bone spikes that flow straight up the sides of the forehead like so. Draw in the eye and darken around the eyeball, and then draw the large curled   

Step 6.

There is no line art because this was a digital painting. Instead here is what the black or chard looking drawing came out when I was done.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 31, 2012
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Description: Okay guys, this tutorial wasn’t supposed to be a lesson, but I turned it into one anyways because it was just too cool to leave as a painted drawing. At first I didn’t know how in the world I was going to lay out the drawing into a step by step format. I then had an idea and this is what the results are. So today I will show you "how to draw an evil dragon", step by step. The idea for this dragon came to me when I was watching Misery with my brother. Annie Wilkes was so darn evil or messed up in the head; it lead me to think of a beast lurking through the dark. The smoke from the nostrils suggests that this dragon is getting ready to breathe some fire at either his prey, or just at random people poking around where he sleeps or lives at. As you can imagine this dragon lives in a cold dark musty place where no man would go. The total paint job took me around four hours, and I know that the nose is a little off. I was going to fix it but instead I wanted to leave the imperfections in because I want you guys to see the mistake, and try to fix it yourself. That is a good way to becoming a better artist, when a problem arises, learn to deal with it by fixing it. Well that’s about it. Have fun with drawing an evil dragon and I will get busy with making more tuts. Adios people and watch where you step.