How to Draw Human Spyro, Anime Spyro the Dragon


Begin with a head shape and then draw out the torso outline like so. When you're done you have to add the neck and facial guidelines.


The next step is to begin the drawing process for the hairstyle which is drawn in two pieces. The left side is a bit wider, and the right side is narrower. The ends should be pointed and sharp.


Draw out the shape of Spyro's face like so, and then use the facial guides to draw in the eyes, eyebrows, and then draw the mouth and nose. Notice how he has a mischievous expression on his face. Sketch in some hair lines like you see to the right, a   


All you have to do here is draw out the upper body. Start with the neck, and then draw in the shoulders, arms, and chest.


Draw in the hair strand strips and then draw Spyro's horns. You will also need to add some more hair in the back of the head.


Almost done guys, all you have to do here is draw the the dragon wings, as well as make the horned tips. Add some detailing to the wings like you see here and then move to step seven to finish this drawing.


Finally, draw the arch in his back, and then sketch in the collar bones, neck bones, and then sketch in the chest muscles or detailing, and sketch in the detailing on the stomach. Clean up the drawing and you are all done.


Here is what your drawing looks like when you are done. Now you can take your time and as you color in your humanized Spyro his purple color.

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January 24, 2012

Description: Tonight I did a concept during livestream which was pretty interesting, considering that lots of people have requested me to do something like this. In this tutorial, we'll be learning “how to draw anime human Spyro”, step by step. I've been a huge fan of the very old PS 1 games which me and my brother used to rock out to during our childhood years. My most prominent memories of playing that game was trying to cleverly catch that egg stealer which took FOREVER! If any of you remember that in the games, please leave a comment below! Anyways, if you don't know the old Spyro games, they were the best and most fun. The new games aren't as interesting and epic like the oldies. There were so many locations of interest which made gameplay wicked and always fresh. Well folks, I better get going, if you have a human character request, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to consider it. Thanks so much for viewing and stay tuned for more epic shiz, yo!

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