How to Draw a White Dragon, White Dragon


For the first step what you will be doing is drawing out the head shape for the dragon, and then make a neck line like so. At the bottom of the line you just drew, draw another shape for the body. Next, draw the long curled guideline for the tail, an   


The second step is to get the dragon's entire head and snout drawn in. Start by making a straight forehead lining, and then draw the open jaw as well as the serrated lining for the teeth inside. Make the pointed frills on the back of the head like so   


You will now draw in the eye, but as you do this, you will need to darken the area around the eye for added detailing and texture definition. Sketch in the definition for the frills, and then draw the teeth, as well as the long thin, curled up tongue   


Draw the shape of the long neck like so, and then incorporate the lining to create the arm and talon or fingers. As you can see the arm is sort of stubby and curled in.


Continue with the lining until the back, butt, and stomach. Notice how the lower part of the body or stomach sinks inward, this is because I was going for a snake like dragon. Draw the legs and exaggerated sized feet, and then add some minor detailin   


Continue drawing the body until the tail is drawn in a snake like manner. You will also need to draw the other leg like so, and move to step seven.


For step seven, all you have to do is draw the other arm, and then draw in the bone for the arm of the wing, and then move to step eight.


Instead of drawing a skin based wing, I went ahead and draw a feather based wing. Draw three layers of feathers like so, and then draw in the detailing all over the feathers for added texture and definition.


Okay, I also wanted to draw in some feathery strands of hair in a downward flow, and then draw the other wing on the opposite side.


Sketch in the stomach detailing by drawing the scales up and down the body and tail, and then sketch in the body detailing along the side of the body, the legs and on the nails. Clean up the drawing and you are all done.


Here is the finished line art when you are all done. Color in your new dragon and move onto something new.

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January 25, 2012

Description: Hey everyone how is your day in drawing land? Hopefully it’s good, and hopefully you are all having a blast with the new tutorials that I have submitted over the past few hours. I’m back again with some more drawing fun, so hold on to your seats. I know I haven’t drawn a really cool dragon in a while, so to add something epic to the front page, I went ahead and made a tutorial on "how to draw a white dragon", step by step. White dragons are one of my favorite types of dragons to draw because they can be altered or designed in so many different ways. I was going to call this a frost dragon, but I think I already have one of those in my dragon section. Anyways, I was going for a snake look when I was creating this new dragon sketch and even though the body may seem small for a dragon, I purposely made the body that way. There are all sorts of different sized dragons and for once I wanted to draw one that wasn't so massive in size. Instead I went ahead and draw a medium sized version to switch things up a bit. I know that many of you have had a hard time making dragons in the past, but hopefully this one will be a little easier to tackle and complete. I drew the white dragon from the side so you won’t have to worry about sketching out two sides of the face or too many body parts. Of course you can alter this design any way you like, this tutorial is intended to help you on your way to drawing a white dragon of your own. I was going to add some neat tribal markings, but to keep things simple; I choose to just leave the design plain. Well, I hope you like what you see. Be sure to leave a comment, rating or even fav if you like this lesson. I will be back a little later so stay tuned in, or come back later to see what I have in store for you guys next. Peace out people!

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