How to Draw a Dragon In Flight

Artist: Dawn / July 12, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first step with some guidelines and shapes for the sky dragon. Start with a small circle for the head with a plus sign in the middle. Next draw an egg shape for his body and three bending lines extending towards the bottom of the image. Ad   

Step 2.

Where we last made those bending wing guidelines, I think its time to add some of that thin skin membrane between the wings. When making wings in front view or in 'action flying' we want the wings to look like it has air pushing the membrane in. See    

Step 3.

In this easy step, we will learn the basics on how to make the upper part of the dragon's elbow and fore-wing-arm. This is fairly easy. Start fleshing out the spade tail for our dynamic and magical noble dragon. I use a spade tail and not a fancy one   

Step 4.

In this step we will start adding some noticeable and spiffy details to make your dragon look even cooler. As you can see I added some awesome details in the frills. No one and no 'dragon' like to be left alone with no frill wrinkles. By adding these   

Step 5.

In this last and final step we are going to finish off our glorious and strong specimen with some spiffy, quick and easy scales. I'd like to call this step the finishing touch step. Just because I'm touching up some extra details in the dragon. What    

Step 6.

This is the finished picture of the tutorial we just did. You can see a major difference in the image compared to the original and fully finished image. That's pretty much all I had to tell you on how to draw a sky dragon in this tutorial. I hope you   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 12, 2008
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Description: Today at we will learn how to draw a front view of a noble and powerful Sky dragon. This dragon reminds me of a mix between a bat, cat, and alligator. My mom looked at the picture and said that it was really good. I tried to proportion the body well to make it look reasonable. Drawing a dragon from the front can be difficult. For me it’s very difficult. You have to keep in mind that you have to proportion the body and make sure all the limbs are a reasonable size. In other words, you can’t have the dragon have a leg bigger then the other or really small wings on a huge dragon body. It would make you seem like an amateur. Well, since you came to this tutorial you’re probably an amateur learning how to draw a dragon from the front. In this step by step tutorial I will teach you how to draw a front view of a made up creature I call a Sky Dragon. These strong and swift creatures live in the high mountains of forests. They roam mountain tops and skim the skies of forest tops and meadows. They’re prey consists of deer, other smaller dragons, large birds, humans, and other living creatures that’s easy to capture especially while flying. Sky dragons would prefer hunting while in flight because they feel that their feet are massive enough to catch their meal without having to fight or chase their prey. Because these dragons are so big they tire easily and need to rest after every meal, after they travel, and even after they play or just walk around the forest grounds. The one thing I like most about this dragon are the wings. I think they came out looking so awesome and real looking. The color of the sky and the clouds make him look even more massive amongst the wide open sky. A Sky dragon’s wingspan can mature up to ninety feet long which makes this dragon look incredibly intimidating with its wings fully expanded. This tutorial took me a while to complete. I hope you like my imagined version of this unique dragon species. I will see you all soon with another tutorial that I hope you will all love.