How to Draw a Realistic Tiger, Draw Real Tiger

Artist: Dawn / September 14, 2010

Step 1.

To start, make a shape for the head like so, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the outlined shape for the tigers body like so.

Step 2.

Now using your pencil or other drawing tool, begin to lightly sketch out the shape of the tiger's lips and nose. Add some solid coloring inside of the nostril like so, and then at the end of the lip. Next, sketch in the lines for the eyes, and move t   

Step 3.

It's now time to continue to sketch out the eyes of the realistic tiger, and then finish sketching out the chin, and jaw like you see here. Once that is done make a line for the bridge of the nose, and also make sure you sketch in the hair detailing    

Step 4.

You will now work on getting the ears sketched out like so, and when that is done, you can begin adding the definition and texture detailing to the muzzle. This can be done by adding very light whisker dots around the lips. Once this is done you can    

Step 5.

Now that the face is all drawn in, you can erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one because you will start adding the stripes to the head like so. Remember, the stripes or spots on any animal is never uniform or the same. You can experiment wh   

Step 6.

To finish off this drawing on a realistic tiger, all you have to do is draw in all the stripes that is scattered all over the tigers body. color in the eyes, and mouth area for more added effect, and then erase the body guideline that you drew in ste   

Step 7.

When you are all done, you should have a sketch that looks like the one you see here. You can choose to color it in the tradition orange color, or leave this cat as a white tiger. Either way the choice is yours.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 14, 2010
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Description: I know many of you have been waiting for my version of a realistic tiger. I have avoided this task for a while because I know how lengthy a process such a feat can be. But after procrastinating for so long, I figured I might as well do my version of "how to draw a realistic tiger", step by step. For some reason tigers are a very popular species from the big cat family. These animals are not only ferocious and fierce; they are also very beautiful, smart, and agile. I love tigers, and because of that I wanted to draw my favorite version of this animal. One of the prettiest tigers in existence to me is the white tiger. What makes this cat so amazingly gorgeous is the powdery coat with the black stripes filling its body. Even though many people will categorize the white tiger as their own species, it is not all accurate to suggest that the tiger is in a whole other breed of its own. The truth is, tigers that are born without color and turn out to be white or almost white, carry the defect of a recessive gene. Now an animal that carries the recessive gene will be exported to an animal’s kin. Just like the German shepherd dog, there are German Shepherds that are born all black, black and tans, red and black, sable, and then- all white. White German Shepherds are considered a faulty genetic trait and because of this, they are in a class all of their own by the American Kennel Club. Just like the white tiger, these cats are now being breed to produce more and more white colored tigers. Researchers try and stud the animal with a mate that also has high potential to carrying the recessive trait. There are also white tigers with no stripes at all and these cats are called snow white tigers. Anyway, one of the other things that I love about these animals is there ice blue eyes. It is a real treat to teach yourself "how to draw a realistic tiger" because these big cats are simply amazing in every which way possible. I do hope you have fun, and I also hope you have an awesome learning experience.