How to Draw Cute Anime Girl


Start of any drawing of a person by drawing a circle, this is the base of the person's head and is extremely helpflul for getting the dimentions correct in the rest of the drawing.


Next up, draw in the chin and guide lines. Make sure that when you draw any guidelines that they are light and not too heavy. Guide lines will be erased later on in the drawing. Depending on the age, and level of cuteness the chin will be different   


Now draw in the top of the eyes and the neck. When drawing in this style make the neck small and the shoulders small. The eyelid should be somewhat thick and slanting slightly to make them look 'dopey', this is common for cute characters.


For this stage, add in the facial features. A small smile can make it look very cute and a small nose adds to this effect. Put in the shape of the eyes, and the sides. Bigger eyes located lower on the face make it appear more childish and cute. If t   


Time to add in the details of the eyes. A small white reflection circle on the eyes makes them appear more realistic. Make sure that when you do the reflection that they are located on the same side as this gives the effect of a light source. If you   


Draw in small ears on the sides. When drawing in the hair, begin with the fringe. Having the forehead covered gives the character a subtle innocence, along with the ears being shown. If you have the hair pushed back behind the ears then they will a   


Finish off the fringe by adding in the rest of it.


Now its time to do the back section of the hair. Having short hair can be effective in innocent, cute characters but sometimes long hair can be more reserved and innocent for shy characters.


Simply do the top of the hair for this. This step relies on the circle guideline and is a good example of why it is so important to make a well shaped head that isnt wonky.


Feel free to ink in the lines that you want to keep or draw darker over them and rub out the guidelines so that it gives you a clean nice picture.


Now colour. Colour is important in portraying a characters personality. Brown hair is good for cute innocent characters along with blonde. Black can be used but it will depend more on the hairstyle and eyes to portray it. Eye colour can be importan   

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October 7, 2015

Description: Here is a tutorial on how to draw a cute anime girl. This tutorial will also give you helpful advice for drawing anime girls in the 'cute' style.

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