How to Draw Disease

Artist: Dawn / March 4, 2020

Step 1.

Like always, we will tackle the first step by drawing the guidelines and shapes to form the frame for the diseased individual you are about to draw.

Step 2.

Using the guide for the head, begin sketching out the shape of the face from a side profile view. Notice how the mouth is wide open and the profile of her face is nicely angled. Draw the nose, forehead, chin, jaw line and ear. Once these parts of the   

Step 3.

The face is done. We will tackle the top portion of the body next. To do this sketch out the shape of the neck, shoulder and arm. When that is done you can draw the shape of her chest, and then sketch in the pattern around the base of the breast and    

Step 4.

We will now move down and draw out the torso. She is a bit emaciated so we will draw the torso in a very macabre manner. Add detailing and definition throughout and when you are done you can add some tissue rippling to the lower part of the abdomen.

Step 5.

All you have to do here is draw in her hand. When drawing the hand do it in a manner like you would draw the hand of a zombie or other decaying creature. Add shading throughout as well as detailing.

Step 6.

Here we will work on the rest of the body. Draw the hips, thighs and when the shape of the lower part of the body is all drawn in you can sketch in detailing the same way to drew and detailed the upper part of the body.

Step 7.

We will now sketch out or draw the hair which should be long, thick and black. The hair is drawn in a very similar way to that of a comic book character. Draw the disease infected fluid being spewed out of her mouth, then draw the rest of the backgro   

Step 8.

Here you will draw in more of the hair strands especially the thick locks that fall over her shoulder and across her breasts. Add shading and more hair behind her. Erase the mistakes and guides before adding the shading effects.

Step 9.

That's it. When you are done you should have a drawing that looks like the one you see here. Now you can choose to add color if you'd like, or leave her a sketched out images. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on drawing disease.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 4, 2020
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Description: Hello once again everyone. I am super excited to be uploading my first lesson on the new and improved Dragoart. There is so much more to do here on the updated site and for some it may take a while to get used to the new UI, but in all reality it's pretty simple to navigate and it is so much more brighter than our old sight. I will start the day by showing you all how to draw Disease, step by step. Again, his new covid-19 virus has me all worked up and it's the only thing that I have been thinking about since discovering this horrible plague. I wanted to do a drawing that showed how I saw the infectious disease so the woman in the drawing is that of someone who is a coronavirus carrier. The steps shouldn't be too hard to tackle, but I will say if you are a novice artist you may have a challenge ahead of you. That is all I have to say for this description. Instead, I will let you all tackle drawing a disease and I will be back shortly with another tutorial so stay tuned in.