Drawing a Country Singer


Let's begin by drawing the shapes for the head and body. Once that is done sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the limb guides.


Here you will draw the actual shape of the face structure, then draw in the lid of the cowboy hat.


Using the facial guidelines draw in the sunglasses which takes up the entire eye area. Draw in the nose and mouth, then draw the ear as well as the detailing to the ear and face.


You will draw the cowboy hat entirely, then add the shape of his neck.


Using the body guides draw in the upper body or torso. This should all be done to resemble a fitted tee. When drawing the arms be sure to add muscle detailing and some of the hand right after the wrist.


Here you will draw the left arm, wrist and hand, then draw the guitar strap. Don't forget about that cross around this country star's neck.


Instead of drawing the whole guitar, we will only be drawing the neck and keys. Here draw the tuning keys and some of the shirt detailing.


Finish everything up by drawing the guitar neck and then finish up the body. Erase the mistakes and guides then you're done.


Here is the line art folks. All you have to do now is color in your drawing.

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August 15, 2016

Description: There are many lessons out there on how to draw a rock star or guitarist, but how many tutorials have you come by that actually teach you how to draw a country singer, step by step. None that I know of. Today that is what this lesson will be on. Even though I'm not a big country song music fan, I still enjoy listening to country music every once in a while. The fella I made for you is a country guy wearing all black. Black cowboy hat, black tee-shirt, black cross and black sunglasses. He is drawn in an action pose. I made this country star playing guitar or a song. Well, I do hope all you country music lovers out there have fun with this lesson. I will be back so don't go anywhere far.

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