Creep Drawing Tutorial, Radiohead

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Begin by drawing the shape or facial structure of the female. When doing this you have to add the hairline, ears, eyes, nose mouth and eyebrows. Take your time with this part of the tut.


Starting from the lower part of the face, begin drawing the outline of a wild, fiery hairstyle that is on one chunk or line.


Up next, we will begin drawing out the body. Start with the shape of her neck and then draw in the shoulders, arms and hands. Before sketching out her chest, draw the layered spikes on her shoulders. Once that is done sketch in all the detailing to t   


Continue to work on the body by sketching out the hips and thighs. When that is done draw the pelvic area or detailing.


Okay guys, here is the final step. We will sketch out the figure of a man laying on the ground in an almost crippled pose. He is trying to reach up to her and his head is even struggling to lift. Sketch in the definition and detailing to the man's bo   


This is what your line art should look like when done. Now you can color in the art and show people what you've done. Be sure to draw a background as well.

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August 19, 2016

Description: The inspiration for this concept lesson all derives from one song by Radiohead called 'Creep'. I love this song so much, I wanted to create a drawing that conveys to you all how I interpret the song's meaning. Today, we will be drawing a creep inspired drawing. The woman standing before the man is powerful and intimidating. The man laying on the ground in worship of her very presence. He is the "creep" and she is the being that he feels inferior to. I had so much fun with this drawing concept. the total time from start to finish was around three hours. I'm excited to be sharing my imaginative creation to all of you. Do enjoy this lesson, and be sure to stick around because there are more lessons on the way.

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