How to Draw Chibi Miles Edgeworth


Draw a simple circle with a rounded square underneath. A cross across the circle may be drawn as guidelines and should curve around.


On the upper half of the head, draw an 'M' shape. This doesn't have to be central on the head and will become the hair. On the lower body, create a box, splitting it into two for the legs. On the arms, be sure to add a semi-circle on each as these w   


Turn the semi-circles from the previous step into full ovals. Then join the one of the right to the left arm. This will make and arms folded pose. When drawing the hair guidelines, it should flop down and slightly inwards.


Now for the clothes. Draw two vertical lines underneath the arms for the sides of the jacket. The trousers should be put in as horizontal lines and the arm at the front gets the sleeve added.


Now to turn the hair guidlines into strands. Each should be curved ever so slightly and go inwards towards the face. The ear peeps out behind the hair on the right. There is a rogue strand of hair on the right of Edgeworth's head. His cravat is made    


Finally you can add the face. The eyes are very simplified to just dots. I chose this angry-looking expression because, if you know anything about Mr. Edgeworth, it will be that he doesn't smile. Ever.


You can now remove any guidelines that you don't need. And there you have a chibi Edgeworth!

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October 21, 2016

Description: The Ace Attorney character how-to's on here appears to be really lacking, so I thought I should create one. This tutorial is for a chibi Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji)

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