How to draw the Human Eye


Start by drawing the out line of the eye , It's on a slight angle so it doesn't connect in a corner on the edge .


Add the skin above the eye , have a smaller line leading off of it to show the way the skin flows. For the bottom have the line go from one side to the other of the eye


Add the iris to the eye , don't add the detail to it yet. You can trace a smaller circle if it helps . The iris is normal large and stretches from top to bottom


Add the pupil to the eye and start the eyelashes . Eyelashes on the edge normally angle out but the odd one will go in .


When getting closer to the middle start angling more of the eye lashes in and up . to show the direction of the eye .


The eye lashes in the center should be going nearly straight up , and begin to angle out to wards the inner eye . The eye lashes on the inner eye start to thin out .


Use the same techniques from the top eye to the bottom eye . Do not connect they eyelashes directly to the edge of the eye .


Begin the detailing of the eye by Rimming it carefully . The detail to the center of the eye is what really makes it pop


The top of the eye's detail is always darker then the bottom because of the shadow from the lashes . Before colouring the center of the eye mark out where the refection is going to be in it , from there colour around it .


When shading the white of the eye , work from the edges in , the closer to the edge the darker the shade .


When finishing off m out line the inner parts of the eye , mostly along the bottom rim. Make sure to shade the corner of the eye leaving a glare in it .

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December 10, 2011

Description: This is my first tutorial and it's all done it pen , so there will be a few mistakes .

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