How to Draw Eyes

Artist: PuzzlePieces / March 29, 2011

Step 1.

First off we'll go over the parts of the eye. On the top and the bottom we have the eye lids. Above the top lid is the fold your skin makes while your eye is open. On the corner of your eye that is closest to the nose, is the tear duct. Next we'll mo   

Step 2.

You eyes are roughly places so that the inner corners are parallel to the very edges of the sides of your nose and so that the center lines up with the corner of your lips. They are also roughly a little higher than halfway up your face.

Step 3.

Eyes come in different shapes and types. There are eyes that have the outer corner that is turned down, and eyes that turn up. There are also eyes that are hooded, meaning that there is little space between the lid and the muscle of the eye right abo   

Step 4.

Different ethnicities also have different eye shapes. This is because different ethnicities have different shaped eye sockets as well as other features of the skull 1.)Asian eyes are longer and more almond shaped. It is also common for asian eyes no   

Step 5.

There are also different settings for eyes. There is 1.) close set eyes, where the eyes are set closer to the bridge of the nose, and 2.) wide set eyes, where the eyes are set closer to the sides of the face.

Step 6.

Here is a picture to show you how eyes look depending on what view you're looking at them. When you look at an eye from 3/4th's profile or full on from the side, the eye seems to round out more in the center. This is because your eyes aren't a flat s   

Step 7.

Now we'll go through a little drawing section so that you can try out all these tips. First off we'll draw an egg shape for the head and draw a cross line so that we can map out the face.

Step 8.

Next we'll define the shape of the cheeks and chin.

Step 9.

Then onto the nose and the ears. The eyes will help us make sure that we don't draw our eyes too nigh up on the face.

Step 10.

And next is the mouth.

Step 11.

Now that we have the reference points for our eyes we can properly map them out on our face. We'll start off drawing two ovals for the eyes for us to use as a base shape.

Step 12.

Next we'll draw out the upper lid and the fold in the lid.

Step 13.

And then onto the bottom lid.

Step 14.

And we'll draw out the eyebrows as well so that we know where the face meets the forehead.

Step 15.

Now we'll draw two demi cirles in the eyes. This will be the base for our irises.

Step 16.

And we'll do the same thing for the pupils too, this time filling them in.

Step 17.

And now we'll go in and add the details tot he irises. Working radially from the pupil, we'll draw lines going from the pupil to the edge of the irises.

Step 18.

And there you have how to draw eyes.

Step 19.

BONUS TIP! When coloring your eyes, don't leave the whites...well white. use and off while color or light grey and do the highlights in white. This will give your eyes a better effect to them.

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