How to Draw and Shade Kirano Talrogu


Ok well its time to start. Lets get some guidelines in. First we get the shape of his head in along with his neck. Draw in his body shape, then work down and get in his waist and leg shaping. Move back up and put the lines for his arms. Note one is b   


In this step we are drawing Kirano's hair and face layout. You will most likely need to zoom in on this picture for a more precise shot of his head. Draw a few guidelines in the face to later put eyes and a mouth in. Now draw 2 lines parallel around    


Ok here we are starting his Ancestral Battle robes and workin on the arm. From his Shoulders draw over and begin forming his arm, remember it will be bent due to the fact he is holding his staff. Start his neck but be cautious that his robes go up ar   


Lots of work here. Draw in his eyes nose and mouth, which for now should end the facial zone. Now at the cape, draw towards his bent arm allowing for the affect that the cape go over the backside of the arm then out. On the other arm, continue downwa   


Ok here, you should be finished. Erase unnessessary guidelines, Remember his left side of cape must still be there, see it up there. Draw a curve line from the wrist for the end of the sleeve. Looks weird I know but oh well. now you have him draw. Bu   


This step gets all the detail. On his inside part of cape draw many, many curved lines. Along those straight lines draw one on each side for the strange effect of his cape. On his outer cape, draw a flamish design down it. Shade his hair black. On th   


Ok shading time. Outer robe dark shade, and in the flames a lighter shade. His legs will be a mid shade. If you use graphit pencils use a 2B pencil. In the lines from chest down will be fairly light, while in between them will be very, very light. Ar   


Ok this is it I promise. All that needs to be said here is this: This is how the crosshatching looks. Also there is a closer shot of the face and neck region. Ok now your done. Hope this was good. I certainly loved drawing this.

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September 7, 2009

Description: Ok for this tutorial, I thought I would bring out a creation of my own. This is HOW TO DRAW AND SHADE KIRANO TALROGU STEP BY STEP. I love drawing anime so I have a series of characters that I have draw for this anime portion. Here is a bio on Kirano, just so you can sorta see through his life___ Kirano Talrogu: Born of the Village of Water, Kirano lived without his father. His mother cared for him until around 5 years of age, when she was called into the Great Elemental War. During this war the five villages of the Ancestrals went to war. His mother was killed by a group of elite forces from the Earth Village. To this day he has an extreme hatred to anybody and any Ancestral based from Earth. Kirano lived alone until he was 13 when his father brought him his Water Staff. Kirano lived as if he were a rouge fighter. He lived by his rules, and trained like it was his last day. He began training immediately after he received his staff. Quickly he became more powerful. His closest rival, Saiyaela Moruso, left the village after she received her staff. She felt their was no point in trying to convince Kirano otherwise of his hatred. He never liked her. It wasn't just the fact she was the Earth Ancestral. Kirano takes and gives no mercy when he fights. He goes for the win, plain and simple.___ I am putting this in the coloring section due to how I teach you to shade as well.

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