How to Draw Psychedelic Art

Artist: Dawn / April 9, 2019

Step 1.

Start off with your guide shapes and guidelines. There should be three shapes, one for the head another for the body and one more for the cap of the mushroom.

Step 2.

Start off with drawing the profile of the bunny or rabbit's face. You will need to form a nose and then the smile too.

Step 3.

Next, draw in a lazy expressive eye followed by the thick or bold eyelid and lashes. You will then draw the long bunny ears and notice how the flop over a bit in a lazy or relaxed position. Add the whiskers and then some whisker holes.

Step 4.

Draw the back part of the rabbit's head followed by the flow or body line of the back and butt. Draw in the puffy tail and then some of the rabbit's chest.

Step 5.

We will now finish most of the rabbit's body which is the arm, the two legs and long rabbit feet like you see here. Under the rabbit draw the mushroom cap followed by the gills under the cap which is where the spores of a mushroom are stored or held.

Step 6.

Add some spots of different sizes to the cap of the mushroom like so.

Step 7.

Go ahead and draw the stem of the mushroom. I didn't want to draw a perfect stem so I made it a little uneven and bumpy looking.

Step 8.

You will draw in the rest of the rabbit's body followed by the tip or mouthpiece of the hookah.

Step 9.

I know this step seems like there are a lot of parts, but there isn't. All you will do is draw in the cloud of smoke that is streaming from the rabbits nostrils. This smoke cloud also wraps around the rabbit as well as around the mushroom. This is ps   

Step 10.

Add detailing within the puffs of smoke to make it seem full or thick.

Step 11.

Now it's time to draw the hookah. When you draw a hookah or make a hookah, you will need to draw the glass bulb first which is the base of the unit. From there you will draw the stem and then draw the hookah straw which connects to the mouthpiece. A   

Step 12.

For this final step, you will draw more clouds of smoke, then the earth that this rabbit and mushroom are stationed upon. There should be grass, plants and other aspects to the drawing. Erase the mistakes to clean up the art and then erase the visibl   

Step 13.

Color in the drawing and show off this beautiful drawing to the world. Don't forget to comment, like and share. In order to help other artist find cool inspiring art, you need to share. Thank you.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 9, 2019
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Tags: how to draw rabbits, how to draw mushrooms, how to draw psychedelic art
Description: Well, here is one of my master pieces that I am really excited to be uploading next. I'm sure all of you are very familiar with the Hookah smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. Well, I took that idea and did another version of a Hookah smoking animal, but since Easter is around the corner, I though a rabbit would be the perfect specimen to add to this drawing tutorial on how to draw Psychedelic art, step by step. Now, some of you may have a misunderstanding on what a Hookah is. It's simply a vessel used to smoke herbal tobacco that comes in many different flavors. You can also use a hookah with tobacco oils and the actual name for hookah herb is called 'Shisha' which is basically made up of virgin tobacco, and various ingredients such as fruit pulp, molasses, honey and so forth. You also need coal and aluminum as well which is used as a burn chamber of sorts. There are so many hookah shops around the world (which I've never been to) and if you are old enough you can check one out to see what all the hype is about. Anyways, this psychedelic piece is one of my favorite artworks I have done in a while. The colors are vibrant, and if you had a black light I'm sure this drawing would pop right off the wall. Anyways, I hope you have a blast with drawing this hookah smoking rabbit. I will return with other fun, colorful lessons again. Much love and peace to all.