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How to Draw Keiichi Maebara, Higurashi

Artist: doremefasoladedo / January 5, 2013
How to Draw Keiichi Maebara, Higurashi

Step 1.

Draw the shape in the picture, this will be the base of keiichi's face

Step 2.

draw the eyes, you may draw guidelines to help you, some people find that easier.

Step 3.

draw the nose, mouth, and neck as shown.

Step 4.

draw keiichi's bangs.

Step 5.

draw the top part of keiichi's hair, remember to put a lot of space between the hair and his face, the picture may look weird now, but it will look normal once your're done.

Step 6.

draw keiichi's ears, and then the bottom hair

Step 7.

draw keiichi's shirt by drawing the collar and shoulders, and then draw keichii's collar-bone.

Step 8.

erase the lines from the fave that are below the hair.

Step 9.

and your're done, darken the lines, and color ^^

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Artist: doremefasoladedo
Date Added: January 5, 2013
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Description: Keiichi Maebara from higurashi no naku koro ni, i love this anime so much, and i tried to draw him simple, tell me if anything is wrong. ^^