How to draw an anime Female face


First simply draw a circle like so. The horizontel line is to mark where we start drawing the face


Now for the face outline. From the horizontel line draw a little vertical cureved line. Next draw a curved line,its sort of clinging onto the circle


Here you can see some lines. When drawing a women the shoulders is probaly as long as half there head. As we are drawing a slightly bigger head it wont work. This is explained by the black straight lines inside the head lining. The shoulders meet the   


I have drawnt the shoulders up to that red line. See how they curve and not have a right angle at the corners? Women or children when drawing have very soft lines. Also draw some slightly curved lines to show there are arms on the girl.


Draw some bangs on the face starting with a little off the lines of the face,this will help in the next step. Try and make the lines curve out a bit in the way they are going (More left,curved to the left,same with right). This creates the image of t   


Starting from the line outside the head lines start to make a ball shape. After that create some 'Pigtails' etheir side,it doesn't matter how you do them. Everyone has a style but I suggest praticing these by creating a circle and creating pigtails o   


Here is a little tut on how to draw eyes. Look at the picture and it shows some steps on how to create the eyes we are using at the moment,this will help in the next step. Notice how the top and bottom of the eye are thicker than the middle


The guide should have been rubbed out at step three. Create the eyes as shown on step 7. Also add a simple mouth which is used on a anime happy face.


Ready to color!

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January 11, 2013

Description: This is my first tut,so It not really that good,please appreciate my bad drawing :)

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