How to Draw Halloween Pikachu

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Begin by drawing the guide shapes for Pikachu's body frame. When this is done sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the tail guide.


Here we will define the shape of Pikachu's head/face. When that is done draw the ears and a pumpkin style stem on the top of his head.


Next, add the markings to the ears, then draw in the face using the facial guidelines. As you can see he has a Jack-o-lantern inspired face, but you can draw whatever you like.


Starting on the left side, draw the body, left foot and left arm. Don't forget to draw the signature tail and the marks on his back.


Repeat exactly what you did to the left of the drawing on the right.The only difference is, you won't be drawing another tail. Erase your mistakes and you're done.


Here is Halloween Pikachu folks. Add some color to bring him/her to festive life.

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September 5, 2016

Description: Now that school has started for a majority of folks, it's time to start thinking about Halloween. I know when September rolls around I am already making plans to have an awesome Halloween night. Today I will be uploading some new tuts to prepare for the exciting holiday. To start, here is how to draw Halloween Pikachu, step by step. I absolutely love the way Pikachu came out. His pumpkin stem and Jack-o-lantern style face says it all for this little guy. I made sure to create a tut that was easy to replicate so people of all skill levels can tackle the task of drawing Pikachu in Halloween form. Anyways, go ahead and let me know what you think, or if there are other Pokemon characters you would like to see dressed in a Halloween inspired concept. I will be back so stick around.

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