How to Draw Pikachu

How to Draw Pikachu
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We start off by drawing the guide shapes for Pikachu. This just includes two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. Add the facial guidelines as well.


Up next, draw the shape of the face and then draw the ears Pikachu style. Add the tips and you are done for now.


We will utilize the facial guidelines by drawing the shapes of the eyes, the cheeks and then Pikachu's mouth. Color in the nose.


Up next, draw in Pikachu's front arms and hands.


Draw the back end of Pikachu's body and then draw the rabbit like legs. Add the stripes on the back and then you're done for now.


We are almost done with this lesson. What you need to do now is to draw the long tail in a lightning bolt fashion. The top of the tail can be squared off.


Draw the pupils and you're done. Erase the mistakes and guides.


This is the line art. All you need to do is color in your drawing to complete the art.

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July 22, 2016

The craze for those folks who are continually looking for Pokemon with their Pokemon Go app. Today I will be doing lessons on some core Pokemon that started it all. But first here is how to draw Pikachu, step by step. I know I have a bunch of Pikachu tuts, but here is a newer, updated version. I love how this drawing came out, and I know people are still looking for Pikachu with Pokemon Go. We will be back so stick around. I have more coming your way.

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