How to Draw a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

Artist: Dawn / September 19, 2016

Step 1.

Make a guide shape for the pumpkin and then sketch in the facial guideline.

Step 2.

We will now sketch in the shape of the pumpkin body in size and structure. Add the defined lines to create a plump pumpkin.

Step 3.

Use the guidelines to draw out the shape of the Jack-o-lantern's eyes. You can choose to go with any style you like. I went with wispy look and style.

Step 4.

Add the shape of the nose and then draw the crinkle between the eyes.

Step 5.

Here is the signature part to any Jack-o-lantern and that is the smile. Draw in the pointed tips and bottoms for your pumpkin and then proceed to step six.

Step 6.

We can now draw the stem and then some of the vine. Add detailing to the stem as well. Erase the mistakes and guides, then you're all set.

Step 7.

Here is the line art folks. Now just add some color.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 19, 2016
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Description: I know I have done so many pumpkins in the past for Halloween, but I don't I've ever done one titled 'How to draw a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern, step by step. I honestly love the way this Jack-o-lantern came out because it looks like it belongs as a design on a huge pumpkin. I may even use this design to carve on my Halloween themed pumpkins this year. If you want to use this design for one of your pumpkins you can do so by printing out the line art and taping it to your pumpkin. Carve out the face and you will have yourself a finished Jack-o-lantern that people will scream, smile and marvel over. I hope you enjoy drawing a Halloween pumpkin in the style of a Jack-o-lantern. Adios folks.