How To Draw Drums

Artist: Dawn / June 28, 2008

Step 1.

Let's start this first step drawing out the guidelines and shapes for this awesome drum set. Start by drawing all the lines starting with the top one that goes horizontal. AS a matter of fact you will draw a total of four horizontal lines in all the    

Step 2.

Now here in step two you will start drawing out the actual shapes of the drums themselves. Start with round cylinder shapes of the toms or the two small drums in the middle, next draw out the shape of the floortom as you see here and then begin shapi   

Step 3.

Now this is where the tutorial starts taking a turn for the complex. What you will be doing here is draw in all the detailing definition all over the drum set. Start by detailing and drawing the bass drum as shown including the chrome rims and legs w   

Step 4.

What you will be doing in this next step is detailing and finish the drawing of the left tom. You will need to draw out the frame of the tom and then start drawing out the stand which includes the legs. Move to the left a bit more and then start deta   

Step 5.

In this next step you will add some detailed finishing touches for the drums and the stands. On all of the stands you will need to draw in their rubber knob like feet, and then on the two smaller drums finish drawing the frame work as you see here. A   

Step 6.

This last and final step you will just add some finishing touches to complete the drawing. After you have done this what you need to do next is neatly erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew back in step one. I say neatly because you don't    

Step 7.

This is what your final completed drawing should look like when you are totally done. All you have to do is either color it in or just leave it as a plain sketch. I know this tutorial was long but look what you got out of all your hard work. This ste   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 28, 2008
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Description: I love music, and since I love music I wanted to do another tutorial on a musical instrument. This time I will be showing you all how to draw drums or a drum set. This tutorial was also requested by a member and I think it was a good request. I there is tutorials on how to draw a guitar and violin, and then I should most certainly have one on how to draw drums as well. Let’s talk about the drum shall we. First off drums are a part of the percussion family. Now the drum has been a part of cultures dating back 15,000 years ago in a small city called Mezhirich which was near Kiev, Ukraine. The drum like instruments was found in a house that was made of mammoth bones which is now labeled as being the oldest known house in existence. The drums were found by a farmer that was digging out a basement for his home in 1965. Now many of us think that the drum was just used solely for musical purposes only. The fact is, drums have been used for communication as well, from the Talking drums of Africa, to other countries like Sri Lanka and Japan. The Japanese used the Taiko drums which were used to as an aid to motivate troops, or to bark out orders and make announcements. What we are drawing today is a drum set or a drum kit. This is a collection of drums that are usually accompanied by cymbals. Sometimes you will see drummers using a cowbell, wood blocks, chimes, and other useful instruments for a drummer to play. In the drum set you are gonna learn to draw consist of a bass drum, a set of toms, a floortom, and a snare drum. For the cymbals you will draw a crash cymbal and a ride cymbal, and then finally a high-hat. Some of my favorite drummers are Lars Ulrich (the older Metallica music), Peter Criss from Kiss, Bill Ward from Black Sabbath, Vinnie Paul from Pantera, John Bonham from Led Zeppelin, Phil Rudd from AC/DC, and many, many more. I love when I’m at a concert and the first thing that goes through you is the massive power of the drums. You feel that bass right in the middle of your chest. It almost feels like your chest is being played upon instead of the drum that the drummer is using. Live bands are something that I enjoy watching whether it is in a big concert hall or in a bar. Just the sound of live music makes any band sound good. It’s when the singer ruins it if he sucks at what he does. There is this place called Mardi Gras and sometimes they have these awesome cover bands for like Creed, or Guns N Roses, and even AC/DC. I can’t express how much I love the sound of drums. Speaking of the sound of drums, how about that drummer from Def Leopard that had to learn how to play with only one arm. Wow amazing. His name is Rick Allen and he lost his arm when he crashed his Corvette and he was thrown from his car while still in his seat belt. The arm was severed when he was flung from the car. The doctors tried to reattach his arm but were unsuccessful. So with that said, he too is upon my favorite drummers list. You will learn how to draw a drum set step by step. When learning how to draw drums you will see just how easy it is. I hope you have fun and remember Rock On!