How to Draw a Star for Kids

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Start by drawing two lines that will or should form a plus sign.


Using the guides you just drew, make the five points or rounded tips of the star.


You can finish off the drawing by drawing out and coloring in some eyes. There is just two lines to erase for clean up, once you finished that you can see how your drawing on the star came out.


This is the line art for your finished drawing on the star for kids. Thanks for joining me and be sure to add some color to your completed sketch.

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September 12, 2011

Description: Hey guys, it’s me your fellow artist and friend here to submit more tutorials that I think you will love. To start the day (even though it’s late), I will be showing you "how to draw a star for kids", step by step. I know it may seem kind of pointless to make and upload a lesson on a star because this is probably one of the basic things you can create as a beginning artist. The star is a very symbolic object that holds meaning to many folks of different religions and to people of other beliefs. I had fun creating such a simple object, and I know if you are one of the members or visitors that likes coming to Dragoart because you know that there is pretty simple tutorials to follow, you will like this submission on drawing a star for kids too. Thanks for viewing, and following this lesson, and if you want to see what else I will upload, just stay tuned in or come back in a bit. Adios mi amigos and peace out!

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