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How to draw Excalibur

Artist: KawaiiApple / July 11, 2014
How to draw Excalibur

Step 1.

First off, start by drawing a circle for the base of his head.

Step 2.

Next, draw a slightly arched triangle for his nose/mouth.

Step 3.

Now you can start on his top hat. Dont put too much detail onto it, we'll do that later.

Step 4.

Erase the extra lines of the base circle that won't be needed. Now draw his collar, like the hat, you can add the detail later. Also draw his arms, one sitting up higher than the other, this is the one that he holds his cane with.

Step 5.

Now its time to draw his waist coat, the ends of the coat form into points. Also draw his sleeves.

Step 6.

Next come his legs, his legs are the most difficult part of this drawing, you dont have to make them too perfect. Excalibur has anime like legs and feet.

Step 7.

You can draw his cane now, and his eye. His eye sits just about in the middle of the middle of original base circle, to draw it, draw a circle with another circle directly in the middle. Colour in the middle circle with black.

Step 8.

Now its time to clean it up a bit. If you have a fineliner, trace over the parts the you want to keep, which at this stage is almost all of it, unless they are guidelines. It should look something like the picture on the side. If you dont have a fine   

Step 9.

Its in this step that you can add the detail on his hat, collar, and toes. Once you complete this and you're happy with it, you're done!

Comments (3)
Avalovesanime · 5 years ago
*Death the Kid, Black Star and Oxford*: YOU'RE OBNOXIOUS!!!!!!
KawaiiApple · 5 years ago
Haha yep. That pretty much sums it up~
Avalovesanime · 5 years ago
Artist: KawaiiApple
Date Added: July 11, 2014
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Tags: how to draw soul eater characters, how to draw soul eater
Description: How to draw Excalibur. This is my first tutorial and Excalibur got the honors, as suggested by R3bekah. Its not the best tutorial, but please bear with me.