How to Draw a Chibi Link and Kirby

Artist: Ruby_X / August 15, 2012

Step 1.

First off in our first step, just draw a simple circle for Link's head. It doesn't have to perfect!

Step 2.

Secondly, draw the rest of Links and Kirby's layout. Yeah i know.. it looks pretty weird.. but keep going!

Step 3.

After you've finished drawing the layout, start on Link's head just by drawing his main shape of his head,ears and hair.

Step 4.

Next, draw Link's cute eyes, nose , mouth and his hat! Awwe...

Step 5.

Then draw his arms and those cute pawish hands!

Step 6.

Now just draw sleeping Kirby! Can i hug him...!?

Step 7.

In this last step.. just draw Link's leg and foot and make sure you rub out any mistakes you did! D'awhhh look at them! They're so cute! Gee.. i feel sleepy now.. but i hope you've enjoyed this tut! I'll be back soon, so stay tuned in!

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Artist: Ruby_X
Date Added: August 15, 2012
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Description: Heyy peeps! It's been a while i haven't done a tut.. but i'm back again! My friend gave me the idea of making this into a tutorial, so i'd like to thank her! But yet again, it's another Chibi tut. ( Now i'm obsessed with Chibis!? wow. ) Also sorry for the plain boring blue background!! I'm no good at making backgrounds DX! Anyway, today i'll be showing you how to draw Chibi Link and Kirby, both from my favourite games from Nintendo. I actually had fun using these type of soft colours to make it look calming.. took me a while to make it look perfect! ( Even though the orginal picture is much better.. )Aren't they soooo cute while they're sleeping!? I must sleep on Kirby... it looks so soft and squishy!! D'awh.. i really hope you'll enjoy this cute sleepy tut as much as i do! I'll be back with more soon!