Draw Cartoon Girls Step by Step

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Begin by drawing the guides for all the girls. This should include the heads, torsos, and facial guidelines.


Define the shapes of all their face structures. When that is done draw in all four hairstyles. As you can see there is styles that are straight, long, and curly.


Using the facial guidelines you will now draw in their faces. Each one has their own look and expression which also helps create their personality.


Now that the faces are done. You can now draw in two of the bodies. I started with the girls at the ends. The rocker chic has a long coat on and a long shirt which stops the body from sectioning off. Draw the camera on her neck, then you can move to    


Up next we will draw in the other two girl's bodies. Start with the one to the left. Draw in the shoulders, torso and pants or legs. Add detailing to the shirt and create the jeans by adding the stitch lines. For the other girl draw the shoulders, ar   


For the last drawing step you will draw in the arm and hand for the rock girl at the far left, then add detailing to her clothing. Draw in the rest of the goth girl's hairstyle and also detail the clothing. Erase the mistakes and all the guides when    


That's it. Color in your cartoon girls any way you like using any colors you like. I hope you had fun drawing cartoon girls.

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December 28, 2016

Description: Here is a lesson that I am so excited about. It's a tutorial that is probably one of the best cartoon drawings I've ever done on people before. Today we will be learning how to draw cartoon girls, step by step. I wanted the girls to be in a group with each personality being very distinct. As you can see there are four girls. One has blonde hair and the others have brown, black and red. This is all the different colored hair groups and I also tried to give each girl their own distinct personality. There is the rocker/grunge girl who is the one with blonde hair. The preppy girl, which is the black hair, the farmer girl or girl from the country and she is the one one with brown hair and overalls, then there is the red headed chic. She is the goth girl who dresses normal for her group label. Anyways, I had so much fun with creating these cartoon girls. I love the way they look and I know you will have a blast drawing them too.

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