How to Draw Chibi Gale Hawthorne, Hunger Games


Begin with a circle for Gale's head and then sketch in a facial guideline. Next, draw the body guide.


Thicken the shape of Gale's chibi head and then incorporate the zigzag hairline using the same lining. Draw the ears and then move to step three.


Using the facial guide you made in step one, draw the huge eyes and then draw in the eyeballs. Make sure that the outer eye lines are thick and or bold. Add the eyebrows and then sketch in the nose and inner ear detailing.


Okay, all you have to do here is draw the rest of Gale's hairstyle. Notice the straight edges and how the hair cones in a small pointed fork tip.


Now that the head and face is all set, you can work on his body. Start by drawing the chibi style arms followed by the torso. Make sure the folds are on the sleeves and also make sure that the hands are small and simple.


Finish this chibi character by drawing the legs and then you can start cleaning up the drawing.


For the final step, all you have to do is sketch in the detailing for the clothes. This is the stitching on the sides of the sleeves, ad then on the pants.


Here is your chibi Hunger Games character now that you are all done. Color him in and be on your way. I would say that your chibi collection is complete.

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February 11, 2012

Description: I did say that I was going to submit a tutorial on a chibi version of Gale Hawthorn so here it is. I didn’t want to lie to you guys, and forgive me for saying that the mockingjay was going to be the last Hunger Games tutorial I was going to submit. Instead, this lesson on "how to draw chibi Gale", step by step is going to be the last HG submission I will make, or for a while at least. Anyways, I wanted to keep this chibi concept just as simple as the rest, and even though some chibi lessons can be complicated to tackle, I’m sure that you will be fine when you begin this one. Gale Hawthorn is one of the three main figures in Hunger Games and if you follow the book series you should already know the story. Well I guess that is all I can really say about Gale, all I can do now is shut up and let you get busy. I will be back because there is still more submissions coming your way.

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