How to Draw Sky Blu, Sky Blu, LMFAO


Make a circle for the head and then draw the facial guidelines.


Sketch out the shape of the facial structure like so, and then sketch out the glasses like you see here. Instead of sunglasses, he is wearing a pair of plastic empty framed glasses.


Draw the thickness of the frames like so, and then begin sketching out the shapes of his eyes. Next, sketch in the bushy eyebrows which are peeking through the frames.


Draw both iris' and then draw the inner lining of the eyes. Sketch the creases on both eyelids, and then draw in Sky Blu's nose like so.


Okay, the face is almost done as you can tell. What you have to do first here is draw out his mouth or lips, and once that is done you can sketch in his mustache, and goatee or chin hair.


Draw the ears, and then you can get started with sketching out his hairstyle which is pulled back because he is sporting two braids. The lining for the top of his head should be wavy and you also need to sketch in some hair strand lines for added tex   


Sketch out his neck, and then draw the shoulders, tee-shirt collar, and then add some definition to his neck. Draw the ends of the braids like so, and then begin cleaning up the drawing.


Now that you have finished, you can add some shading, highlighting, and shadowing to turn the drawing into a sketched portrait. Great work guys, keep it up!

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December 13, 2011

Description: I’m sorry folks, I can only do so much when it comes to creating and writing out lessons for you all to enjoy. Today I am going to show you "how to draw Sky Blu", step by step. If you read the description from the Redfoo tutorial, you should know that Sky Blu happens to be Redfoo’s nephew and partner in rhyme as they like to call it. Both Sky Blu and Redfoo are both very unique looking and also classic looking figures as they are two of the group from LMFAO. The first time I watched the video for Party Rock Anthem, I was shocked to find that Sky Blu looks so much like Kirk Hammett from Metallica. Instead of making the lesson with his hair all long and curly, I decided that I would draw him as he looks when his hair is in a split braid style. As far as complexity goes, I think he may be a bit more complex because he does have the braids, but you should be fine. I, in the meantime will get busy uploading more fun lessons for you to enjoy so sit tight and let the fun come alive. Adios and enjoy folks!

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