Drawing Lovers, Orbital Lovers


Let's begin shall we? Start off by drawing the shapes and guides for both figures in this lesson. The head shapes should be touching as this is a couple kissing.


Begin working on the females face profile first. Start with some lining of the forehead and then draw the shape of her nose and mouth. When that is done go ahead and draw in the eyebrow and her eye which is slightly closed.


This is my favorite part because we will start drawing out the long, beautiful flowing hair. Simple strands at first to get the style started.


Go ahead and take your time as you draw in more of her hair. Basically what you are doing is drawing the length on the outer part, and then filling in the strands. Add flow and body to the hairstyle as well to create a full style.


Finish the hairstyle by sketching out the rest of the hair length. Be sure to create waves, curls and ends. Detail the hair with some strand detailing. Layers and definition should be sketched in throughout. Take your time and stay calm.


We will draw her shoulder and arm as well as her hand. Also, draw in some of the man's face shape because her hand is placed on his cheek as they hold each other close.


Barely no face is shown for this male, but his head of hair is drawn in. The style is also full and very wavy. This is supposed to replicate the active flow to the universe and or galaxy. Start on the outside for the head and just fill in the waves o   


Almost done people. This is probably the hardest part. Draw the neck first and be sure to make it strong. When the neck is done you can draw the lining of his back, again it should come out looking strong and angled. Sketch in the definition and tone   


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw a curl of the girl's hair wrapped around his neck, then draw in the lining and shape of her thigh. Erase the mistakes and all the guides.


Here is the line art when all is said and done. Color in this cosmic couple and show off your work when done.

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· 11 months ago

I love your art and your instructions are very helpful thank you.



January 19, 2022

Description: Here is a drawing lesson that I love so much. The inspiration for this concept was purely random. I was sketching out two people in hopes that something would come to mind and in the end this is what I finished with. The coloring of this piece is my favorite. I love how full and flowey the girl's hair is. She is the sun and he is the universe. I think drawing these orbital lovers is something that is not only jaw dropping, it's also incredibly beautiful. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, there is more to come so stay tuned.

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