How to Draw a Baboon

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Lets start off the first step by drawing the guidelines to help make the whole drawing process easier. Start off by drawing a misshapen circle for the head of the baboon. Then draw an even larger one for the torso or upper body. Then draw a smaller o   


Now you can draw in his happy looking face. At this point he already looks cute. And I know it's a he because he has those beautiful markings on the face. Draw two tiny circles for the eyes, a long narrow snout with a smiley mouth at the end below th   


In this step what you are going to do next is sketch in the fur or hair of the mandrill baboon. When you do this just use a light stroking movement making your hand go back and forth like you are drawing human hair. This is a very puffy animal and ge   


A very simple short step here. Take your sketch pencil and detail the facial hair on the baboon. This is usually called the beard. I think you did a fabulous job already but there is still one more thing to do, erase all the guidelines you drew in st   


There he is. Isn't he a cute little guy. I think you did a great job and you should pat yourself on the back. I told you it wasn't going to be hard at all. Just four steps and you where done. I say this at the end of all my tutorials, all you need to   

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February 5, 2008

Description: Learning how to draw a Mandrill is an easy process if you have good instructions and good images. But before I show you how to sketch out one of these monkeys lets talk about them a little. These quiet, peaceful social animals are part of the baboon family. Mandrills live in the rain forests of equatorial Africa. Even though their colorful faces seem very fierce and intimidating these baboons are not aggressive at all. They are the biggest and oldest out of all monkeys in the world. You would think that the females and males look the same right? Wrong, it is the males that display the colorful hues on the face that contain blue, red skin on the front of there snouts that get brighter with excitement. While the females have no color at all, their faces are either a dark grey or brown color, and they are a lot smaller then the males as well. Mandrills are probably one of the most colorful animals in existence today and maintain their shyness from the public. They live in groups from fifteen to over one hundred. There is always only one male in the tribe and several females with the young as well. The male mandrill will always mate with more then one of the females in the tribe, so it is safe to say that one male fathers them all. When a female mandrill goes in heat her bottom will swell up and turn to a puffy pinkish color indicating that she is ready to mate. They also have large canine teeth about 5 inches long that are used in defense. Most would think that when they show there teeth out of aggression, but the fact is when canines are being displayed, it’s a form of being friendly and shows affection. Their diet in the wild consists of fruit, insects, certain twigs and leaves. They spend a lot of time on the ground when they are forging for food, in fact they spend more time on the ground then they do in the trees, the only time they go in the trees is to sleep. These primates are peaceful animals and it’s hard to believe that beautiful animals such as the Mandrill Baboons are an endangered species. They are hunted down as bushmeat from Africans and find them to be a delicacy. They really are feeling their homeland becoming more and more threatened with each passing day, from agriculture and from the settlement of man. When I show you how to draw these baboons take your time and read the steps so you get a good sketch drawn out. The step by step instructions will help you understand what to do next.

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