How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog

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Okay some simple outline sketching going on in this step. As you can see this looks super easy right? Right, draw a medium sized perfectly round circle for sonics head. Then draw in two cat style ears that stand erect. Now right in the edge of the ci   


Here is where you will draw the inner lining for his face. His marks are almost like mickey mouse. His eyebrows are raised on the to so make sure you create that illusion. The easiest way to draw the face outlines is to start at the bottom and draw    


Very easy step right here. What you need to do is draw in his eyes which are skinny long oval shapes, the separate his eyes from his nose with a connection of the nose line. Draw a half grin for the mouth, a circle on the right shoulder, an inner cir   


Final step is yet another easy one. Starting at the ear from the far right, draw a line that goes toward the back and then making it end up with four spikes in total for the sonic the hedgehog look. Then draw the remainder fingers on the hand to the    


Ok, the step you've all been waiting for, the final step. In this part we will be sketching out the shoes, legs, tail, and the socks of his shoes. This is a really hard part because of all the details you have to add in. If you mess up, keep trying!    


Here you have it the classic sonic the hedgehog sketch. That was wicked easy right? All you need to do is color him his famous blue. Awesome job!

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February 5, 2008

Description: The game Sonic the Hedgehog is a game I will always remember. When I owned a Sega one of my first games was Sonic the Hedgehog along with many other games. Sega was a system owned by a Japanese game company who originally used sonic as their main mascot for the game system. The first sonic game was released in 1991 for the Sega genesis and it also came in an 8 bit version for the game gear. Remember those? I know I had one, I thought it was awesome, although it was very time consuming. Sonic is a teenage blue spunky hedgehog that tries to save the planet from the evil Dr. Ivo or that little bold guy that always comes after you at the end of every board flying around on a different device every time he comes through. Now, what this evil villain is trying to do is take over the world and create his own empire, in order to do this though he has to find a way to get rid and dispose of Sonic before he foils all his plans. Of course he never wins and Sonic always prevails in the end, (if you get to beat the video game that is.) After part one being a huge success parts 2 and 3 were released. After those games became a hit Sonic & Knuckles came out a short time after, now all four games came out in a three year time span, which means the series started in 1991 and ended in 1994. When the game system Saturn came out that just created a whole new era for Sonic the Hedgehog. In 1997 Sonic Jam was released for the Saturn. Then another four years later sonic adventure was released for the Sega Dreamcast which was yet again another hit. Six years later in 2003 Sonic Adventure was created for the Nintendo Game Cube, and as you can imagine Sonic has truly stood the test of time starting off as a cheap little digital game to a decent graphic style format on the game cube. As you can tell learning "how to draw Sonic the Hedgehog step by step" is super duper easy. Children and adults can have fun drawing this awesome character from the early nineties. The step by step online instructions make it even easier to learn. So take your time and have fun with him sonic is truly a classic character to draw. You can also visit the Sega site and print out some really cool coloring pages of Sonic and his friends by clicking here and going to the Sonic community. You will find games and other cool stuff too. Until next time amigos.

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