How to Draw a Queen for Kids

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This is a very basic step. Make a circle for the head guide and then draw in the facial guidelines as well as the body line of motion.


Instead of drawing the face and or head, you will draw in the Queen's crown first, and this one has four squared off tips or points. Draw in three jewels and then move to step three.


Thicken some of the lining you made in step one for the shape of her face like so, and then draw the ear, and swoop of hair which is combed off to the left side. Add a pretty earring and proceed to step four.


Using the facial guides, color in two eyes, and add some pretty eyelashes. You will then draw a smile for her mouth, and then eyebrows. Draw in more of her hair in length, and then draw the sleeves which are puffy and rest on her shoulders. Add some    


You will now draw the rest of her body by drawing the torso, and gown which is shaped like a bell. Draw in her arms, and then make the V line for her waist.


Lastly, draw the ruffle or pleat detailing on the lower half of the gown, and then begin cleaning up your drawing.


Here is how she comes out when you are all done. Choose some colors and color in your drawing. Great work guys and keep on with the creativity.

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February 4, 2012

Description: I guess I will end the day with two more lessons that will fall in the ‘for kids’ section once again. I really want to get some basic things drawn so that there is no question or wonder when it comes to how to make, or create something or someone. So today I have come up with the idea to teach you novice artists out there a quick and easy way to learn "how to draw a queen for kids", step by step. Queens are typically drawn wearing long lavish gowns, and beautiful crowns that have stunning jewels in them. Now because this is an easy, simple to follow drawing lesson, I tried keeping this queen very direct and to the point while keeping the glitz, glamour and royalty appeal. I really did have fun drawing a Queen for kids even if it was in an easy format. If you have wanted to draw royalty but didn't want the complexity of it, now is your chance to go ahead and get started. I will be back with one last lesson so try and stay tuned in or you can come back later to see what it is I uploaded. Adios people and enjoy!

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