How to Draw Quick Draw McGraw

Artist: Dawn / March 5, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first step of drawing Quick Draw McGraw by drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes. Starting at the top, draw the outline of the hat as shown above. Then move down a bit and draw an oval circle for the face, then a boot shape for the    

Step 2.

Now here in step 2 you will start to draw out the outer body lines of Quick Draw McGraw. Starting with his hat draw the tip of the lid in the front. Now draw in the smile and nostril holes on his snout. Draw the shape of his thick short mane, and the   

Step 3.

This is your final drawing step. What you are going to do here is finish drawing in the body of quick draw mcgraw. Draw out the handkerchief and shade in the eyeballs in his face. Draw out the hooves that rest on his hips, his tail that also happens    

Step 4.

And here is what your finished sketch should look like. All that you need to do now is color him in. See wasn't that easy and fun to do. That will conclude this drawing on how to draw Quick Draw McGraw.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 5, 2008
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Description: This is going to be another cartoon tutorial on one of Hanna Barbera’s animated characters called Quick Draw McGraw. As you all know Hanna Barbera is responsible for cartoons like Huckleberry hound, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, Tom and Jerry, Droopy Dog, Yogi Bear and other cartoon morning favorites. The Quick Draw McGraw show first aired back in 1959. It was the third cartoon television show created by famous Hanna Barbera Company. They created the show because their previous series called Huckleberry Hound was a huge success. The show had an animated talking horse as the main character named Quick Draw McGraw. He was the sheriff of the old American west. His appearance consisted of a set of hand pistols with a red handkerchief that hung around his neck, a cowboy hat, and a gun holster around his waist. The lead voice for Quick Draw was by actor Daws Butler. The Screen Gems company where the first syndicaters of the show followed by Worldvision Enterprises, after that company had a piece of the action, Turner Broadcasting had a piece of the Quick Draw McGraw pie, and lastly Warner Bros. Television is currently syndicating the show, but only because they bought out Turner in 1996. Each episode that aired was only 6 minutes long with four episodes each half hour with commercials in between. Quick Draw McGraw’s character was usually accompanied by his deputy sheriff called Baba Looey; he was a Mexican burro that spoke English with a Latin accent. Daws Butler also voiced this cartoon character as well which was inspired by Desi Arnaz from the “I love Lucy Show”. Did you know? Quick Draw McGraw was the mascot for Sugar Smacks cereal back in the 1960’s. The opening song for the show had a set of memorable lyrics that went like this “Yippee yi-o ki-a, Galloping all the way, Here comes Quick Draw McGraw. Yippee yi-o ki-a, galloping all the way, Great big star on his chest, outdraws all of the rest, fastest gun in the west. Yippee yi-o ki-a, Riding around your way, Here comes Quick Draw McGraw. The high-falutin'est, Fastest shootin'est, Cowboy you ever saw. That's Quick Draw McGraw”. This fun tutorial will show you how to draw Quick Draw McGraw step by step. His character is easy and the instructions are so simple to read that even kids can get in on the cartoon action. Have fun and “Stick em Up”.